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[News] Jurassic World Alive | April Fool’s Day Event 2021

Is it meant as a April‘s joke that the only epic tower I can see on the map is right at the horizon line?

Like why. Now I gotta get my car for it or what. It‘s gonna be a funny picture: girl sitting in a car in a parking lot and battling giant Dodo boss for some hours lmao.

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Why are the scents 1000 hardcash when normally they are 200

Ooh :open_mouth: I like it!

I asked support about that and since I can’t share screenshots on here, they basically told me “they are behaving as Special Epic Scents”. Probably because you get a guaranteed epic creature on the first spawn. So the 1k price tag is correct.


This event is so much better than the goat Last year. All Hail The All Mighty DoDo!

Oh ok thanks but last year we had the goat one which had a guaranteed rex? But that was just 200 as far as I remember …

I thought so as well but someone said it was 1k last year as well…I always purchase the themed scents every week to stock up so I didn’t even notice until someone else said something about it :laughing:

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The chest gave 25 feed, but since it didn’t let it exceed the limit, all I got was 8 feed.

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Rating the purchase options for the big spenders for the April Fools Day Event.
1000 green cash for the Fools scent that gives a Trex to shoot might be nice for some. It is an OK scent, with some decent rares… If you are chasing Sarcorixis you have a 7.5% chance to get some sarcosuchus DNA each spawn chance after the first. The 2.5% chance to get the Antarcopelta DNA is the thing that makes this really worthwhile. Due to the nature of the Epic DNA involved versus the chances with a normal Epic DNA scent, I would still rate this a little below an Epic DNA scent depending on the zone you are in. If you don’t need Trex DNA anymore you might consider closely that this is named a “Fools scent”

Laugh out Loud for $19.99 you get 397 epic, 662 rare, 2600 green cash, and 115000 coin. plus an emote. This is the best value of all the purchases, in my humble opinion You can buy it twice (but you don’t get a second emote) so it lowers the value on the second purchase.
Usually this game has the higher value purchases being the better value but this might not be the case today.
If you multiply Laugh out Loud by 3.5 across the board You get $69.95 which would equate to 1389 epic, 2317 rare, 9100 green cash, and 402500 coin
Why do I point this out?
Because the Dolicious special is $69.99 and you get only 927 epic, 1544 rare, 8000 green cash, and 285500 coin. Translation: This is not close to being an equitable purchase to the Laugh out loud special.
To make this equitable they could lower the price to 49.99
You can see this for yourself, because the Laugh out Loud special multiplied by 2.5 times gets you $49.98 which is 993 epic, 1655 rare, 6500 green cash, and 287500 coin.
If they made the 69.99 purchase have 15,000 green cash and added another 100,000 coin it would be almost equitable because then you could buy an Epic Prank to make things almost even.

Which is my segue to the Premium and Epic pranks purchases,

Premium Prank for 10,000 green cash gets you 927 Epic DNA,1544 rare DNA, and 35000 coin.
Epic Prank for 5,000 green cash gets you 397 Epic DNA,662 rare DNA, and 15000 coin.
None of the epic DNA available in these purchases is currently an exclusive ingredient for what is considered a top tier PVP dinosaur. Not even the Titan boa DNA.
Which means the Premium prank for 10,000 green cash or epic Prank for 5000 green cash might be aptly named with the word prank.

Well this is an Aprils Fools event after all.


So apparently Antarctopelta has a taste for Dodos?!?

I’m not complaining, it’s an exclusive after all. I just find it hilarious :joy:


BeautifulThis text will be blurred

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That’s not funny at all if only top players can defeat dodo and the majority of players are frustrated because they can’t do that.

It might be funny if there wouldbe a tricky way to defeat dodo even by newbiess, i.e. with the weakest Dinos.Or if with April fool’s scent we would get some anti-dodo creature

  • paleomouse who can scary Dodo to death,
  • archeo-puppy dog who with deadly licks…
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There is literally a post with a video showing how a low level player can beat it.


Would you call 5 darts a “load of resources”? That’s what my friend got, 5 darts from the second day Treasure Chase. April Fools indeed.

It might be funny if there wouldbe a tricky way to defeat dodo even by newbiess, i.e. with the weakest Dinos.

What would be point of levelling and upgrading dinos then?
Full epic towers are intended for strong players, lower level players have rare and small epic towers.

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I defeated a Level 16 Dodo
With only epic, NO legendaries or uniques

yes, the rare incubator one was definitely easier as it was of course lower lvl and had no boosts