[News] Jurassic World Alive | April Fool's Day Event 2020

This event is definitely not a prank!

For April Fool’s Day (April 1st), be on the lookout for goats!
Explore the Map and receive special Strike Event rewards. You’ll also be able to face off against the toughest goats in Jurassic World in the Fool’s Strike Event.
Use the special Scent to draw the most carnivorous creatures towards you with this delicious fragrance. It will guarantee at least 1 encounter you won’t want to pass up!

Happy Playing!


Which creatures are at the special stops? I see T-Rex and Secodontosaurus

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I see Secondo and Barry. Only Barry in range to dart.

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Also the goat drop boxes, how frequent are they? Are they once an hour? Once every specific amount of hours? Or one and done thing? Cause I got one that was just outside of the full range and got 5000 coins and 10 toy sanctuary items

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This goat is ridiculous! Not wasting anymore cash. I can’t beat it


I managed to beat the goat!
Ardentis + Gemini + Thor crit impact
Got bad reward though, thylaco dna


I have been a good player for 3 years now… Usually golden arena are no trouble for me… But now this goat is simply ridiculous.

First time in 3 years that I am seriously considering quiting this game !

Thanks ludia I know the opinion of a guy that only spend 20$ per years on this game does not count at all on your wallet but I wanted to give it anyway!


This ist not poaseble

Phew, finally beat the master goat with a Tylacotator critting on rending takedown, then getting a Carnotarkus counter.


Try using rending attacks, I’ve gotten him down to 2000 something health

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Es insano ni el indominus Rex puede

Translated From Spanish

It’s insane not even the indominus Rex can

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Calm down man.
Also JWA isnt even out for 3 years.


Question, what did you do with Lord Lythronax?

Going to post in this thread as well :wink:

Hint: The scent is a guaranteed Rex


OMG! Don’t be a big loser.

Here is an extra Strike Tower for fun, you aren’t losing coins or DNA by not being unable to defeat it. It’s April Fools and they got us…good one.

Unless you are a big crybaby


You need to not have a sense of humour, or really just hate goats, to not find this at the least slightly amusing


Did the goat open with Cleansing Strike?

I jsut tried the battle with your strategy, but it went for just kidding instead of finishing maxima.

Hahahahaha oh you’re so mad at a JOKE :rofl:

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