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[News] Jurassic World Alive | April Fool's Day Event 2020

This is how the government weeds out the people who still have empathy… lol

Ohhhhh so positive comment is athorised but when someone has a negative comment he should shut up… No thanks man I will always say my disapointment outloud.

Have a nice continuity !

Took three tries, but i did it with @Piere87 guide.


Bruhh… it takes 5 in game dollars to retry… people have guides for it… you’re complaining why?

Apparently the smell of goat attracts party poopers :joy:


I think it used the usual distracting move (forgot its name). It always started with that on me.
Ah yes, Scapegoat.

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Scapegoat… debil on steroids

Closest green drop is so far outside my range that it doesn’t even show a dino under it. Oh well. Guess I don’t get to do any event dinos because we aren’t supposed to go out.

Finally beat it after 16 Tries :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: has to use Thyla Thor and Phorasaura and needed tons of Luck

Gave up after 3 times :slight_smile:

Was pretty easy with 24 4/4/1 gemini, 26 4/3/1 maxima and unboosted 26 thor, 4th dino (26 4/4/1 tryko) not needed


It is at the third step from the end of the challenge I just was there and was able to take it out

Yes it is, I beat it and I’m barely level 16

Lvl21 Unboosted Geminititan, lvl24 slightly boosted Ardentismaxima and lvl23 unboosted Thoradolosaur worked for me. You do need to get a bit lucky with what kinda moves the goat uses.

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The goat only lets players win who are worthy.



Holy crap this thing is no joke. Although as frustrating as this goat is (I still haven’t beat it) I am satisfied that there is something that is challenging within the open world again. Good job J-Dubs for this fun moment in this games timeline.

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You would quit because of a joke? Lighten up.


When I see that face, I get reminded of this video:


The second goat scream is my all time favorite :rofl::rofl::rofl: gets me every time!!!