[News] Jurassic World Alive | Arctodus Winter Pursuit

An unusual sighting is about to occur DPG members!

This grizzly creature will be out of hibernation and roaming the Map.

From December 20th, 2021 to January 25th, 2022, Arctodus will be making an exclusive Winter appearance on the map. Don’t miss out and hunt it before it’s gone!

Note: This exclusive bear is more timid than most wild spawns! The Arctodus loves to sleep at night, but also makes sure to enjoy the outdoors during Dawn,Day and Dusk.


It would be nice if they actually spawned


Just kick the community when it’s down why don’t you


I agree been running scents at work and not seen 1 yet


Not seen any yet.





Maybe they’re saying they were released 5 mins ago…

I’ve noticed when they release these special creatures for a week they tend to ramp up slowly. They may be scarce right now but keep watching as we get further along in the week.

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This has got to be a scheduled post because there’s no way someone just decides to post this after all the complaints for the spawn rate :joy:


If that’s the case, I think that’s bad practice. So many people were excited about getting out and hunting the bear. Especially those that have been stocking up on moose getting ready to start working on the Legendary to fuse the Apex. Going out for hours at a time and running scents and driving for hundreds of miles and not seeing bear, just takes any joy out of it and we don’t want to even try later in the week when they might be more active.


They need to spawn like the procera pursuit :joy:

Seriously though, I’d be fine if they just suspend regular hybrid pursuits for the duration and let those all be bears too.


Yeah arctodus is more rare then para lux


I spent half an hour out. I saw carno today but no bear

Making that post while you are receiving so many feedbacks and escalations regarding the abysmal spawn rates is ironic and really out of touch guys.

Like Piere mentioned in another thread, running and purchasing rare scents is not worth currently. Meaning Ludia is loosing on money.
You have been building anticipation on this special pursuit and the result is really disappointing. The spawn rates are miles from what it should be and nothing close to any of the previous pursuits we have had.
It’s again very disappointing. Especially as the player base was looking to this special event introducing the first fusable Apex.

Teasing, building anticipation and not delivering. That’s how you loose customers so let’s hope that Ludia adjusts this and really gets more transparent about the pursuits spawn rates moving forward. They are far too different depending the featured creature and this even among same rarities.

But hey, that will make it easy for you to identify spoofers at the very least.


I was planning on doing some hardcore hunting this week for the bear, but after driving 15 miles through a very urban setting with many spawns, and not seeing a single bear, I gave up already. It’s not worth going out to find when I’ll need 10’s of thousands of its dna and its soooo rare. Better off just FIP’ing from sanctuaries. This event is ruined for me already.


I believe it is sharing its spawn chances with carnotaurus so they are both more scarce than a normal pursuit week.

I got 15 Carno off of 5 rare scents and 0 bare. And I have seen several Carno in the wild. It just seems off overall to me


I traveled over 60 miles and found none I hope that this is just a glitch and they can fix this otherwise take the carnotaurus away and let arctodus spawn instead of it I got lucky that the scent of claws can make one appear otherwise it would be impossible to get it until you get it on Thursday and Wednesday this week where you could get the deer instead

Been online all day across my city and never saw even 1…