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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Arena Issue Fix Update (2020)


Hello DPG members,

Last week, we received reports regarding players experiencing issues with Arena Loading. While our team works on a fix, we have pushed an update that will allow us to temporarily disable Face Off from competitive battle modes (PVP and Tournament). We will be disabling Face off before the beginning of the tournament this Friday, and it will return as soon as we have a more stable fix on this issue.

We encourage all players to update to the new version if you haven’t already. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at with your game Support Key for further assistance.

Happy playing!


it was time :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad that a ‘fix’ to this is being applied, as this was genuinely the worst arena glitch I’ve seen in quite a while, almost as bad as the pink screen glitch, if not worse.

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any date when you will rework speed boosts?
It is kind of a longer issue


Yes please. :+1:

I have updated my game and it still happens…

the whole games awash with bugs, do you even have a test environment ?

Improve what? All the time, the game bug remain same. Battle system bug never improved. Almost 70% in battle fighting have facing problem error. Very disappointed. Really Inferior quality service product.

Obligatory is alliance chat getting fixed yet?

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did they fix the pairing even?

There is no point contacting support for this issue it seems. Arena is a mess for everyone, not for individual players. I really doubt your support can fix this for certain players only, so let’s just hope you fix your netcode at some point.

So happey this bug is getting fixed it gets so annoying when I battle and i have to reload the game multiple times

As far as i can see
There was no update and the face off screen is still there

Hey DPG members, could you please check and see if your game is running on version 2.2.23? Thanks!

Yes, it does Ned

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Battling was sometimes extremely laggy this weekend. Long breaks before showing moves for next turn. Mostly like its normal in raids, but not in battles (arena, tournament).
These longer breaks, even when there is no bug, are really annoying in tournaments when there are many speedties, like this weekend. @Ned

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Я не всегда получаю монеты и баксы заедает альянс и достижение