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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Arena Loading Issue


Hello DPG Members,

We have received multiple reports of players attempting to join Battles who get stuck on the Arena screen with no text or visuals appearing. The team is aware and they are actively working on fixing this issue. When experienced, an app reboot has been shown to alleviate the issue partially but we are also aware this is not the case for all players.

Thank you for your understanding!


Rebooting only works when the full 60 seconds is over with. It’s the exact length of a “time out”. Otherwise you can reboot 4 times and its still won’t be fixed

closing the app, then clearing the cache immediately will take you back to the map when you load back up. I have not been successful at just restarting the app.

Minimize and Maximize the game without force close. It will load instantly.

Thanks for trying to fix it!

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This always works for me - well 95% of the time or so

The minimize / maximize worked yesterday, today (again) 30+ minutes have been wasted on time outs

Ok so for someone who is totally useless with this tech stuff.

What does minimise and maximise mean?

How do you do this?

Pretty much getting an empty arena in 4 out of every 5 battles I try today - both regular arena and tournament. Anyone else experiencing this or is Ludia just picking on me? :wink:


it’s a known issue. Ludia is actively looking to fix it.

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This is very annoying tbh. Hopes it gets fixed quickly, now I don’t even try to play as I get this bug 70% of battles

I can’t speak for Iphones.But for Androids there are 3 main Buttons at the bottom of the phone.
The center one is called Home and it takes you on the Home screen.The Back Button that takes you to your previous state screen.And the square Button,that’s the button that we are talking about.When you are ingame push it to minimize and then again for the game to maximize.

I bet that you have used thousands of times this button.

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This looks kinda ominous ngl

I just ‘played’ 8 games in a row without getting an actual fight. I even took a break for a few hours in between the 3rd and 4th ‘fight’. And then on game number nine I get destroyed by a super boosted monolometrodon and don’t get a single kill. I now have 3 daily battle incubators stacked up that I can’t receive because I can’t get an opponent. I am in the aviary. And it ‘gives’ me an ‘opponent’. It just starts a battle with the waiting for opponent screen, but there is no countdown.

This is what it looks like:

I am very tired of this. Here’s another night with no battle incubator to run while I’m sleeping. And no battle incubator during the day either. Pathetic.


On iPhone swiping the app up will minimize at the same time will allow you to select from running apps.

Just In case anyone wants to know.