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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Arena Matchmaking Issue

Hello DPG members,

We’ve received reports regarding issues with finding an opponent within the final arenas and possible errors generated during the opponent search. The team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix that will come in a version update.

While this fix is being worked on, we narrowed down that the issue is more likely to trigger if players cancel the Matchmaking while searching for an opponent and then attempt to search again. For now, we advise all players to minimize their use of the Cancel button while matchmaking to alleviate this issue in the meantime.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support. Should you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team at any point in-game or by emailing with your Support Key included.

Happy Playing!


They’re even aware of future bugs. Which won’t be fixed.


Are you serious? The matchmaking issue is just those in shores cannot get a match? I face no one but these beach dwelling hipsters and I’m not even near shores!!!


After reading the title of this topic I opened this topic with hope in my heart. Now I’m just sad that they consider this the only arena matchmaking issue :sob:


not just Shores. constant time outs in all arenas.
and just bad matchmaking in general.


If only this was the only matchmaking issue…


I will be fair in this post and say that this “bug” is not new. Its been around for long. Its good they know why it is triggered so they can find the errant lines of codes and fix it.

They should have fixed it long ago but they probably didnt want to admit they cannot find the cause of it. Dun worry most of us who got it didn’t either and some even used it to farm battles for alliance missions.

As for it being the only Matchmaking Bug, it is. Its bug to have a matchmade then for it to fail. Its not a bug to get weird matches because of Ludia’s intent either to encourage purchases or to give the top players ( top 20) someone besides the same people to battle. If things work as intended its not a bug.


Yeah this is an annoying bug but it stops and ends at the match time out issue. Which I’m glad they have finally figured out what causes it since it’s been around forever.

Now to address other match making issues your gonna need to address some player base issues and I did some homework for you to make it easy.

260k people have played a match this season.
Of those 74k have passed 3k trophies
60k have passed 3.5k trophies
And 17.5k have passed 5k trophies

Meaning you almost have as many players between 3-3.5k then you have at 5k plus. Getting a larger % of the player base of the ladder faster would do a lot to fix match making issues.

You don’t need to find new players… you have a player base that could provide consistent match making. Their all just stuck in the middle of the ladder.

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Yeah please stop making this a possibility to fight. There’s no way my “total creature power” gets anywhere close to this. My highest level creature is a level 23 Diorajasaurus, and I never use boosts. Meanwhile over here…

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No one is ever happy in these forums. They are fixing it. Be happy. Have some faith.

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See this is a great example… that team is really not that good cause of some poor choices. But a few more so then others… he gets the wrong combo of Dino’s and he could easily lose to a lower library team. Gets max and he can easily sweep the same team.

Not everyone is willing to adapt to these constant forced meta changes… some like a particular Dino and stick with it.

Can’t really blame the player… he’s playing what he likes to play… can’t blame match making real end game teams with equivalent levels will just stomp him back to where he wins 50% of the time. And that’s probably avairy/library even boosted.

If Ludia didn’t object to diversity and nerf most of his Dino’s to the point their vastly subpar. He would be fighting people with level 27-29 Dino. Not people with level 23 tyrants.



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