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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Assets Out of Containment

Hello fellow DPG members,

Two new creatures have escaped and will be on the loose before Update 1.9!

Both of these creatures will be roaming your neighborhoods for a limited time this weekend. Afterward, they will only be available through special events.

Pro-Tip: If you can’t find these elusive dinosaurs in the world, you can ask your Alliance to put them in a Sanctuary so you can collect their DNA


So I guess Allo Gen 2 and that Nauro whatever one?



Let’s hope so. I’ve managed to blag a three day weekend from work so time to go dinosaur hunting!


Nice! I have the weekend off aswell. Time for some new Dino’s to add to the roster!!

Totally gunna still play at work don’t even care must get new Dino’s

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it has to be nasuto and allo g2

Looking forward to this

That’s my dinodex back to incomplete - I’m going to have to make sure I find and dart enough to create them; anyone know if they are common, rare or epic?


if you can… please make a hybrid out of both

So these will definitely be required for new strong hybrids everybody will want.

Hope they’re spawning as much as the daily migration dinos.


2 more event exclusive dinos. Just what this game needs right now.


According to the JWA field guild, Allosaurus G2 is an Epic and Nasutoceratops is a Rare.


Two that will be part of 1.9 I am sure.

I bet 1.9 drops while i’m on holiday, typical really, Ludia screws me over even when they don’t intend to. :joy:

Won’t be seeing many Allo G2 then!

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When does this begin?

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if you look on gamepress it did say that nasuto lost it’s minor rending counter

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I was wondering about that. I edited my post

Just realised the Brachio is the hybrid chase until the weekend - I have seen zero, so that doesn’t fill me with confidence that I will find an Allo.

Any idea why you can only see this thread by following a direct link? Its not listed in the Announcements section … has it been pulled?