[News] Jurassic World Alive | Balancing Changes


The following changes have been applied:

  • The Ankylocodon has Short Defense
  • The following creatures replace their Basic/Armor Piercing Strikes with Defense Shattering Strike: Secodontosaurus, Postusuchus, Postimetrodon, Magnapyritor, Irritator, Irritator Gen2, Kaprosuchus, Allosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Diplotator, Dimetrodon2, Tarbosaurus
  • Argentinosaurus has Impact instead of Rampage.
  • These creatures’ attributes have been adjusted accordingly.


Aww. Ankylocodon having a long defense that was unbreakable was fun while it lasted. Still getting a lot of use out of him anyways


Wait, Tino got a nerf too?! Or is Impact still good, not sure? Still not happy on the Codon nerf, but I can still make him work, to a degree.


Impact is 1.5x damage with no effect. Rampage is 2x damage with no effect. So yes. Very much a nerf.


-insert anguished screams-


When will counter atack dinos get a buff? Hp buff /add shield or 10-20% critical ? Even blue have 10%shield lol they neeeeed love


Megalosuchus and rajakylosaurus are both excellent


Those are hybrids i mean the rares and epic ones :sweat_smile: carno,megalo,concavenator,etc even majundasuchus needs at least a hp buff


Only this few balances in 100 Mb patch? When one time offer glitch will be repaired ? One time level up offer glitched


Do you really have to push 100 mb updates while we are on 4g for this?
Please, show a little respect for your users.


To be fair an update like this happens at the same time every week.


Thank you very much for The Update news, please keep doing this in The future.


100% agreed. Heck if it could be the same day as the update it would be even more appreciated.


Can you also do news from other balance changes in future? I didn’t find that last balance changes news!


I don’t think that it happens at the same time every week , but you are just painting a worse picture. This means that you will waste over 400 Mb each month no matter how much you play.


The same update always hits me Friday afternoon. It’s also when they change incubators available and coin/cash deals.