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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Blossom Festival Week 2021

I really hope we get maxima. I need all the brachiosaurus for it so that’s great!! Tenotosaur will be good as I can get mine to 27!!!

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I believe uniques are maxima and the mamotherium hybrid, the mamoth-rhino+ turtle hybrid, can never remember some hybrid names lol

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They are also bugged as the rewards are linked with regular supply drops.

Ardentismaxima, Mammolania, and Utarinex

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I think ludia might actually be trying to listen to us
look at the last few weeks
it looks to me as if they are trying their best

What exactly over the last few weeks?

hola, tengo una idea para una semana, evento carnivoro, el lunes el irritator y el suchomimus, el martes el tarbosaurus y allosaurus, el miercoles el irritato y el baionyx gen 2, el jueves con el gorgosaurus y el t rex gen 2, el viernes el achrocantosaurus y el t rex, el sabado el allosaurus gen 2 y la indominus rex gen 2 y el indominus rex y el tyranolophosaurus el domingo, los comunes con 48 intentos, los raros con 24 intentos, los epicos con 12 intentos y los legendarios con 6 intentos, y el viernes haya un asalto maestro de gryposuchus, y que hayan nuevos jefes, jefe irritator gen 2 y asi

Translated From Spanish:

hello, I have an idea for a week, carnivore event, on Monday the irritator and the suchomimus, on Tuesday the tarbosaurus and allosaurus, on Wednesday the irritato and the baionyx gen 2, on Thursday with the gorgosaurus and the t rex gen 2, the Friday the achrocantosaurus and the t rex, on Saturday the allosaurus gen 2 and the indominus rex gen 2 and the indominus rex and the tyranolophosaurus on Sunday, the common ones with 48 tries, the rare ones with 24 tries, the epics with 12 tries and the legendary with 6 attempts, and on Friday there will be a master assault of gryposuchus, and that there will be new bosses, boss irritator gen 2 and so on

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If they speak spanish they spanish, and the mods thankfully translate it anyways so I don’t see the big deal