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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boost Exploits (05/07)


Hello fellow DPG members,

An announcement earlier today was made regarding several of the issues that have arisen since the launch of Update 1.7. You can find that article here:

In this article, we state that we will not be penalizing players who by exploiting the ability to purchase multiple Stat Boosts were attempting to make the most of a game that is not operating to our standards. That being said, because we do not intend to move forward with penalties does not mean we are inactive or unaware of the seriousness of this issue.

We are looking at various scenarios to correct the situation in order to restore fairness and trust. With this in mind, our analysts are currently collecting data to determine the scope of this exploit. This analysis will help us determine the next steps.

Thank you all once again for your cooperation.

Breaking News: Confirmed- Some Players Received Unlimited Health & Damage Boost offers in Store today while Majority Did Not
Speculation: Is the new STAT BOOSTING TO POWERFUL to be launched? Are they regretting this future?

oh wow. you guys are active today. ill be surprised whenever this trainwreck stops.


this is “boosts exploit”… which makes no sense to me. they allowed it :man_facepalming:


My solutions.

For the tournament: give every one 30k hard cash, or if that’s too much, give every one 10k hard cash + Premium incubator.

For the boosts exploit: roll the boosts back and refund everyone who brought them or, give every one enough boosts to get to tier 5 (I honestly don’t know)


what is their to penalize? you put up for sell, boosts… people bought… only thing you can do is refund the money.

Breaking News: Confirmed- Some Players Received Unlimited Health & Damage Boost offers in Store today while Majority Did Not

Please listen to them and model this stuff more pessimistically next time around

Better to trickle rewards out too slowly at first, taking stuff off people is painful

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At least we’re getting some kind of answers in a timely manor.

Hope it lasts… Doubtful it will.

I don’t expect compensation, I just want the game to be playable and fair at this point.


Reset the boost tier and transfer into corresponding boost tokens.
Then take back those exploit bought tokens, return cash.


which exploit bought boosts?

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I think must be all of them.
Those not supposed to be available speed boost since last week, and unlimited boost token several hours earlier.



I fought against a full team speed +160 for dinosor like Thora and Stegodeus (so hard to get that speed) how is that possible ?

Remove this, is the solution


who knows what was available or not… it was common that once you hit tier 3, you are awarded a chance to buy speed boosts. this is all ludias doing now they are trying to back track. ludia made all this possible and once again made another gross miscalculation. dont let them fool you.


Just do the right thing

That is all I’ve got to say.


no no no no

You know exploit has been done and you don’t do anything.
The only thing you had to do was to revert and return hard cash. but nooooooo.
you keep rewarding exploiters.

keep destroying a game once was great


Nothing short of banning top players who cheated will earn my trust back. You care about the community? Prove it. Who’s more important to you? We’re about to find out.


ban who for what? and what did the top players win?


They’re probably talking about the tournament and all that fiasco but boost wise…I don’t know what they intend to do.


Hmm… not “a chance”.
Actually, if you keep 1 speed tier 3 creature in your dinodex, and speed token fewer than 8.
Now you’ll be able to buy speed token, no attempt limitation.


Can we not turn a thread about fixing a huge issue with boosts into more discussion about the tourney? That’s a separate issue.


Yeah, I was just going to say this is about the boost issue, not the tourney.

I’m afraid to say I think the tourney exploit is case closed as far as Ludia is concerned.