[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boost Exploits (05/07)

Wait what, there is a boost exploit? I knew about the AI tourney one but I thought the boost system, albeit crazy, was working as expected?

We get boost in daily and we can buy a boost a day. Speed boosts can be bought adhoc under specific conditions through a Dino screen. This stuff was legit right?

What have I missed for exploitation?

it is a bit late , there are to many “onedinoarmy” in the game , only solution is to reroll every boost back.

Probably an entire rework of the stat boost system would be the best idea. Get rid of the 10 boost per stat and insert a cap PER DINO. This is the best way to let players enjoy the game again, because would create a new level of gameplay and a whole new meta in which players could use creatures they like and different from the same 8.
And not so quickly achievable. You have to grind to be strong in arena, not just pay.

Thank you for your communication Jorge! That is excactly what I meant yesterday in my detailled post, keep the players updated about the next steps! Of course failures, miscalculations and bugs can happen, that was not the majure issue, the majure issue was not inform your players what will be done to correct this and create fairness! As I learned from my work, keep updated and failures can be easily forgiven!


My dilemma there was Pokefodder.
I thought it seemed shady until he straight up said he brought it up the the Ludia team and they replied… working as intended.
He’s a well respected beta-tester/youtuber and in my mind a 100% legit source.
For the first time ever I had something that felt like an exploit… but wasn’t.
I hold no animosity for people that bought boosts, I just want the problem fixed.


Figured that out almost half a year ago, bro!


I live in L4, I have a pet Suchamimus in my backyard. I think it’s a female though coz it’s bring 50 billion others a night!

Might need to get her desexed.


Just got to say and I’m not really trying to defend them, but they did say it was their fault and they are trying to fix it. You can’t get an immediate fix

Reset all boosts and start over from scratch. Refund all payments done regarding boosts up untill now.

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Well… I might try and get every penny back that I spend on this game if Ludia does not come with a good solution for the boost exploit. And since their discision goes directly against their own cheating-rules I think they might be breaking some legal-rules that make this refund (partly) possible.

So… find a fair solution Ludia and:

  • EITHER follow up on your own cheating rules
  • OR find another FAIR solution for ALL players
    Because if you don’t there is no saying how insanely unfair your game could get.

Literaly every reward in this game is dependent on the strength of your dino’s so if you knowingly give this exploiting group of players a tremendous advantage over others that makes the game useless for a vast amount of players.

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Maybe Ludia should change their TOS regarding cheating and exploiting to have the punishment based on how much money the player spends.

Two players get caugh exploiting -
Jane spends $1000 a month on JWA
John is simply VIP so $15 a month on JWA

both used same exploit, both been playing same length of time.
Jane gets let off Scott free!
John is banned!

Sounds ridiculous right? But I bet my bottom dollar it happens, and very recently :wink:


Well I think in this case Ludia has already admitted that the mistake on their side was huge, so I can understand not banning players. But if their sollution isn’t fair and satisfying for all players it becomes a huge problem in the game. For now I will just wait and see how Ludia will try and solve this.


Support Team: Sir we have a serious problem here, two players were caught exploiting in our tournament!
Head Office: How much money do they spend each month?
Support Team: ehh sir? Don’t you wish to know how they cheated or if there is evidence or not?
Head Office: I said HOW MUCH DO THEY SPEND!
Support Team: Err Jane is one of our top spenders and John doesn’t spend a lot.
Head Office: Ban the peasant!
Support Team: Err but sir shouldn’t all players be treated equally? And besides Jane cheated more.
Head Office: YOU HEARD ME!!!
Support Team: Sir I really think they should be treated equally regardless how much they spend on the game.
Head Office: How much do YOU spend on the game?
Support Team: err sir I don’t personally play the game.
Head Office: YOUR FIRED


Hey ludia people Jorge and all y’all (even funny doughnut new girl :slight_smile: )

I love the game. I love the new boosting. But yes letting some people get unlimited speed boosts was bad.

Maybe you should announce one more day of unlimited boosts and give a one day (on that day) ban to those who bought on the in international day?

Then it would even out to what it would have been naturally.

Just give short notice of the sale and no notice of temp 24 hour suspension.

Please do it on a minimal event day so as to not in fairly knee cap them either. Most of the boost purchasers saw a legit offer and took it (not like the tournament bug)

It’s called rollback. Rollback to stats only, if that is technically possible. You set back stats to default for all players and then you give us for free a number of stat boosts equivalent to the maximum we’d have obtained (legitimately) without abusing the system (plus a little compensation, of course). All happy.


Don’t think you could add extra levels; the DNA and coin required to go from 29 to 30 is immense - if the increment continued it would be exhausting.


That would be a good solution. I hope they are willing to do that and it’s technically possible.

I do like JWA and the 1.7 update, including the boosts as long as the difference in the number of boosts does not get insane. I also hope Ludia allows a large group of people to test each new release. I’m sure it takes less time to tackle all these bugs before the actual release comes out.

it’s time to give something for free to players , the hamsters you experiment on , needs to be fed

I think the best option would be to moderate the boosts, make them a little smaller, for example max of 25% for health and attack and max of 25 for speed, or maybe even lower.

That way you would keep the unpredictability of the arena that the boosts certainly brought with them (I think it’s actually great not to know what to expect rather than seeing a dino and knowing if it’s faster or slower right away) and you would also avoid exploting this feature by preventing boosting dinos’ stats to astronomical heights :slightly_smiling_face:


things seem to continue like this in the future
I will close my session and create a new one just to spoof cheat and exploit which Ludia now permits.