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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boost Exploits (05/07)

look. i just dont want them gone. its a good idea and has made the game more fun. tier 3 is where most players should be with the ones that were offered officially. why not reimburse all to that point then slowly distribute them. also, they shouldnt allow other dinos to be higher tier then others. like if you have all tier 3 you can then start boosting to tier4 but you cant have tier 3 dinos then a tier 8 for instance. i think that would causr playerd to sit on their boosts rather then use them quickly. just a thought. but as far as exploit… if its for sale and you have the money buy it. if ludia says dont buy it then thats different.

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Because it is just lip service like most other stuff they say. They told us they were working on spoofer for 5 months before they did anything about that and only then did they do it when they won a tournament.

yes. was thinking the same exact thing earlier. only issue is… what happens when you get a new creature and everything else is tier 8? are you still able to boost past tier 8 with that little guy in there? maybe im over thinking it. oops meant to tag @CleverBoy

Great so there’s nothing they can say you’ll just rant on the board anyway. Now I know the reasoning.

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I done ranting on the board. Don t care about the boost issue. Just making the point that the only thing they have ever fixed in a timely manner has been the unlimited coin issue. I think everyone knows that.

That would been the best idea!

For sure!

But, the terms of buying boosts was, aswell, a chance to make slow dinos faster.

If the T-Rex can’t be faster then the Veloraptor (as they say) this is huge misleading.

Players belived this concept, and bought speed-boost because of it.


They diden’t draw back or stopped this during weekend.

I wrote this 14 days ago!


Lydia, just reset the boosted creatures like what you did to the trophies before a new season start.

Not any more misleading then it currently os a max boosted trex is most certainly not faster then a max boosted vrap…

So you can make your trex faster then a none boosted vrap… but certainly not faster then a boosted vrap…

Capping the speed tiers wouldnt really change this.

the main issue is there’s really only one option and that is to take back all the boosts that were bought during the exploit. without that, balance will not be restored in this game for months (if the game lasts that long) until everyone else can catch up to the amount of boosts some people got.

if all they’re doing is writing some code to do that, fine, take your time and do it right, but say something. if not, then they are debating another option which will probably lead to the end of this game.

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people will catch up when they reach the endgame. thats how the system is meant to be.

literally. but most of us dont want to have to fight through exploit-gotten overpowered Thornos ( :smirk: ) to get to the endgame. or else


meh… only 50% will have too

The most fair option and something that I believe would make things more balanced, actually a lot more balanced is giving every single player that played the tournament or even every JWA player what is needed to total 30K hard cash which is what the top player got rewarded.
This means divide it in groups like the tournament and those that got say 7K get 23K hard cash = 30K total since the tournament started to now. Obviously the top player gets nothing as the point of this is for everyone to match what he got.
Say a top 500 player during the tournament got 500 hard cash. He or she gets 29.5K. Those that got 4.5K get the difference, 25.5K. Those that finished outside the top 500 get the full 30K and so on.

We then have the option to spend it on what we want. Up to us. This would also help the rest of us to “catch” up to those that went on that shopping boosts spree earlier this week. Of course that is if boosts are back in the shop. We’d level up faster to the next tier because those guys already are at tier 7+ which requires 128, 256, 512 and 1024 tokens respectively. They would progress much slower. OR have tier 7+ locked so no one can progress until it evens out some during the next several months.

Well, I have spent the free boosts I had, which wasnt much, (android incubator and todays strike) and have thus far avoided buying any from the store.

I’m starting to worry that these boosts are gonna lock the dinos on my team, permanatly.

Now I have to be very carefull who I choose to boost, as they will be eternal teammates.


Just because someone didnt know something was an exploit doesn’t magically mean its no longer exploting. Sure most wouldn’t have been doing it on purpose, which would be “taking advantage or” or “using” the exploit, but that by no means mean its not an exploit!

“Ignorance” is not the same as “innocence”!

Edit: Kind of like if someone goes to another country and does something that is perfectly legal in their country, but illegal in the new country, the Police don’t let the person go simply coz they didnt know any better!
Sure the Police may be lenient on the person if they indeed feel the person genuinely was unaware of the rules, but still something is usually done!

That being said, I think it would be pretty easy to see who “took advantage of” the bug, just look at how many they bought in a short amount of time, if you see massive amounts of purchases, chances are they are taking advantage of it.

And in the meantime their arena experiences are horrendously unfair, frustrating and anger inducing!

No thanks, make it fair from the start or many will stop playing before they can suffer their way to endgame!

Ask devs why I am receiving in every single tournament battle +2 5% crits. Thought it was skill tournament.

Ludia, I demand justice! This game has been unplayable for 2 weeks now. I have multiple support tickets out before during and after the update, that still have not received a response from your team. I demand you remove all of the game boosts and start over!! According to your game rules exploiting a glitch is cheating, above you stated you will not be punishing users for this. UNACCEPTABLE! You have violated YOUR terms of service and I will not be ignored. I demand a response from Ludia, I demand action, or my next step will be to contact Google play and get reimbursed for every penny spent on your game. Can you really afford to keep losing players? How many refunds have been issued in 2 weeks? How many uninstalled have you received? How many terrible reviews? Hello Canada, welcome to the THUNDERDOME!


Boosts have killed any variety. Once you boost something then that teamslot is permanatly filled.

Not sure how to fix this hot mess. Maybe be able to move boosts from dino to dino on a timer or something, IDK, but this sucks.


But there’s absolutely one thing you can be sure about. Ludia doesn’t care that this game sucks either. They’ll drive it into the ground until the income dries up and then discard it.