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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boost Shuffle Event (2020)

That max health boosted Apatosaurus legit made me laugh out loud, it’s totally something someone HAD to do😂


that’s rough buddy. try to find them through social media, I guess. List their names and your Alliance name in the post and hope somebody notices. Also, this isn’t the thread to post that question


Thank you … but, I must be blind. I see no “refund” button on the stats page (assuming that you mean what I think you mean anyway) … Is this the “stats page” you refer to?

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Actually Tap on the Health, Damage or Speed icon

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Then on the little circle thingy

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This will happen

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Ludia should do this once a month or once after each new update, she should not allow it to be used in alliance tournaments.

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This event also works well for anyone who may have a few high levels Dino’s that they didn’t feel were worth boosting just for campaign levels.

I wasn’t intending on reshuffling any boosts as I’m pretty content with what I already have.

But then the thought occurred to me that I could take the opportunity to reshuffle a bit to take on Campaign #78 Lord Lythronax!

Yup, thanks to the event I beat him on one try, and now am stuck at #81 as I only have 2x lvl 29 creatures. If anyone is in the same situation with #78 I’d recommend looking at taking advantage of this event.


How do I change my health to speed?

If you are asking how to change health boosts to speed boosts then you can’t.

Passed this info to my alliance! Great idea! Thanks

Hi everyone! We have extended this event to end on October 22 14:00 UTC. Happy Shuffling!


Thank you.

Well dang, we’ll be able to experiment with Lux tommorow

Thank You!! Any hints on when we can expect 2.2? :grin:

Nvm I saw the other thread. Can’t wait!

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I took out lythro boosted up everything to take on the next battle. . But now I only have 1 level 30 creature which is Thor so I can’t take on the final challenge

Thanks @E.D and @Ludia Extension of time really helps us

Can you extend it forever please:)

I can’t tell if you are joking or not. Hopefully so, because their are plenty of people who will tell you why they will not do this.