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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Recap (05/22)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We are currently collecting data with regard to the Stat Boosts issue experienced earlier this week. At the moment the number of affected players is significantly low, however only after a full analysis will we be able to determine an appropriate solution. Further communication will follow.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation.


So, when exactly are these boost related bugs going to be fixed? Cause it seems like there’s a new one every week.

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Ban 'em. Ban 'em all.


As much as I like boosts, I will agree. They messed up the gameplay.


Was this bug here aswell when we could buy 20 x boosts last weekend?

Can anyone confirm?

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That was intended. From what I understood.

I mean like this video.
But same as the 20 x boosts…?

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Thank you for recognizing this. Even though it may be a “significantly low” number from your perspective, in a matter of fairness, everybody should be rolled back yet again.
A better limit should be set on the boost purchases.
Also, you should also mention that boosted creatures are dramatically affecting matchmaking algorithms.


It has been the popular opinion in many other threads and I am going to keep it going on this one as well…
Remove all boosts, forget the idea of boosts until it actually works 100%. You guys clearly do not know how to properly implement it and at no point did you actually know what would keep the game balanced and what would break the game, meaning YOU DID NOT DO ENOUGH TESTING BEFORE RELEASING IT… and now you’re trying to fix it as you go along, “winging” it, hoping you’ll somehow get it right eventually… but each day players are getting more and more frustrated and each day the game appears to reveal a new problem/bug/exploit/issue, whatever you want to call it.

We just want an enjoyable game, and from what some mods told me, so do you guys (@Ludia_Developers )… so how about you start showing us that you ACTUALLY CARE, instead of presenting “solutions” that lead to somehow people spending more money…

Just fix the game, asap.

We have given you our opinion time and time again, and whenever you do what the majority here suggest, usually things get a little better, so either fire your development team or start listening to your faithful customers, because at this point we’re not players, we’re simply customers… you’ll have to win our respect back for us to become actual Game Players again.

With much love,



it seems what i thought.
“significantly low” means they are gonna just remove boosts from these players and give them spent cash back.

and give everyone $100 “thank you for your patience” inbox.



As someone on this forum has pointed out earlier (don’t remember when/where), it might be a good idea to have boosts as rewards for more actions than just the daily incubators. This would allow those who don’t pay for vip or boosts to still get enough of them.

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Remove them please, this is a disaster


Translation: We don’t know what the hell happened.

Translation: Since there were only a few we’re likely to just leave it be.

Translation: Hopefully you’ll all just forget about it after a couple weeks.

Translation: LOOK OVER HERE! Goth dinos!

Translation: Please just keep spending money and putting up with our horrible game.



Regardless it should not of happened.
Didn’t you learn from the previous mistake

Tbh all should be reset to make it fair again or better still remove all boosts.


“collecting data”.
is it amazon database being collected by a 90’s 386 pc? :scream:

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You nailed this so bad, you almost made me pee my pants of laughter :rofl:


What about the issues still lingering from last week. Not everyone has received their hard cash refund that should have. Many got hard cash that didn’t even have any. Yes I have contacted support and have not gotten a response. How about fixing that issue first?


Perfect best thing I’ve seen all day :joy:

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