[News] Jurassic World Alive | Boosts Issue Update (05/30)

Hello fellow DPG members,

At the beginning of last week, we realized that some players were able to purchase more Stat Boosts than planned. After a thorough analysis of the Stat Boosts issue encountered, we have concluded that the number of players affected by this is roughly 0.01% and that most players were not aware they were making a purchase after the sale ended. We take full responsibility for this situation. We are making several changes to prevent abuse of special sales in the future and to clarify our communication of remaining allowed quantity so as to ensure this never happens again.

In light of this, we will be conducting a roll-back and reimbursement (in-game currency) of Stat Boosts targeting players who benefitted from this issue to ensure the stability and balance of the game, while not further penalizing the majority of the community. People affected by the reset will be notified individually via in-game mail.

In the meantime, we remind everyone that fair play is something that is important and should be embraced by all. Even if we do not advertise what we are doing to prevent cheaters, hackers, and abusers, it is an important focus for the team and we are allocating significant time to close breaches as we find them. As a community, we always appreciate when you reach out to us when you find issues that could alter the experience.

Thank you all for your help with this issue.


Thanks for the update!


I’m glad this is individual roll back. No huge maintaince.

Are Ludia going to sell boosts again. Because a lot of players would prefer no selling.


So it’s about 5 people lol


Thanks for the update! I do like the stat boosts, but I think the sale of them is a bad idea. Any chance they could be earned? Specific challenges and such? I appreciate rewards for challenges and this is something I’d be happy with.


Boosts have been an absolute disaster since 1.7 launch. Remove them all.


Very much appreciated. Thank you.

But what about those that missed out on those boosts for the day the day they were taken out of the store? I’m talking about the 1x25 for both health and attack for 500 hard cash each. It was taken out before I could grab them, while many were able to acquire them.


lol but this meds to be 10 characters for me to post

I agree boost have further ruined the game. I’ve bought some but would prefer a refund and have it removed from the game all together. Those at the top of the trophy counts are using insanely enhanced dinos with the crappy new boosts. Also why hasn’t their been a regular tournament in quite a while.
Lastly I think the crappy boost are here to stay will there be a way to return boost from a dinon if you change up your team even if you loose some of the boost by resetting it on an individual Dino if wanted?


They where for sake for 5days that your problem

Thanks for some clarification at last. However, how are you planning to address the players who didn’t even buy a single boosts on that very fateful day?

This already sets such players back by 25 attack and health boosts.

Do you intend to correct this?


Thanks ludia!:two_hearts: waiting for this for soo long.

Im talking about the daily 1x25 offer we got daily for health and attack since boosts began. I missed out on them the day they took them off due to this latest exploit.

Not the 20x25 attack and health. That’s something else.

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This will change nothing its about 10 ppl at most lol

Especially after that cash sale huh

The are earned by doing daily missions and encounter/incubator supply drops.

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It’s only 25 ppl got back way more cash than they sent anyway

wait… whats this mean??:point_up_2:t2:
the roll back only on certain people and not to everybody like last time??? please say it is not…

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So will the extortion continue at $10/day?


Yep about 10 ppl