[News] Jurassic World Alive | Camp Cretaceous Event 2022

We’re heading back for some more Camp Cretaceous adventures! :camping::fire:

Between January 19th to January 26th, visit Event Supply Drops to collect Camp Cretaceous themed creatures, or grab them all in the Showcase Incubator!

These creatures from the Camp Cretaceous series will guard the special Strike Event reward! Test your battle skills against this array of opponents.

Take on these special creatures in this exciting Trial Event!
To qualify, bring 1 creature with a Shield effect and 1 creature with a Distraction effect.

And of course, open Coin Chase boxes every hour during the scheduled Chase and collect up to 25,000 coins.

Start your Jeep and head over to this event!


Hmmm do I sense some season 4 creatures coming soon?


Bumpy Para Lux and Ankylomoch itself all in 1 week while 2.13 is teased. I have a feeling things are gonna fall apart next week

hope spino and slimodon are in it


I just realized this…

Why is Ankylomoloch part of this? I’m pretty sure there’s only 2 hybrid species in the show and neither is even part Anky/Stygi?


no it isnt in, but we could get spinoceratop


Ankylomoloch uses Bumpy DNA, Bumpy is from Camp Cretaceous.

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wow wihs i could play

I hope we get Plux

(Realises Para wasnt in season 4…)

Bumpy is from the show. Her hybrid only exists in JWA that personally bears not much resemblance to her. If that’s the case then should Indo G2 be part of a CC week redo because she’s part Blue? Same goes for Rex/Tryko Indom/Indot Compy/Compc etc.

That makes much more sense than ankylomoloch tbh

when will the weekly events stop ending on Tuesday

Never. That’s the new format now

bumpy is so cute!!! i love it

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Ludia, since a lot of complaints seems to be central around boosts resets and how hard it is to gather coins…

When you run special themed weeks such as this one…please consider doubling everything from supply drops. We would have less complaints about “no boost reshuffle” if they could be obtain easier to obtain by game play every once in a while. It takes up to 12 days to earn 250k coins from supply drops alone.


What are "event supply drops’ ? I haven’t got any creature DNA from any special supply drops from any special week before. E.g New Years

They just have double the resources, and event creatures spwan under tham

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Buen día , disculpen la ignorancia pero donde se ingresa a este evento para poder participar, gracias por sus respuesta.


Translated from Spanish:

Good morning, excuse my ignorance but where do you enter this event to participate, thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Its automatic, globally on the map

spanish translation

Es automático, globalmente en el mapa.

Can you add a scorpion gen 4 in apex