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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Campaign Missions

Hello fellow DPG members,

As of Update 1.9, Campaign will be a new feature in Jurassic World Alive. Read on for details.

The DPG Defense League

The DPG Defense League is recruiting members to aid the protection and conservation of prehistoric creatures around the world. Members begin their training as a Rookie. As members improve, so will their title.

The training program uses Missions over the course of various Chapters. Most Missions have a special lesson about creature abilities and the interactions with their proper counters. By learning about all creature abilities DPG Defense League members will improve their battle skills. Understanding the traits and abilities of each creature will allow DPG Defense League members to effectively protect them. To become true leaders in the DPG Defense League members will need to reach a high level of protection and conservation understanding.

Campaign Missions

  • A new battle mode is available to all players who have obtained at least 4 creatures: Campaign.
  • Use the top navigation tabs to alternate between the adversarial PVP modes and the new single-player Campaign mode.
  • The Campaign features 9 Chapters mapped out in various environments.
  • Chapters consist of a linear series of Missions.
  • Complete Missions to receive Rewards and move on to the next Mission.
    • Missions can be replayed, but the Rewards are only obtained once.
  • Play each Chapter’s Missions and you can move on to the next Chapter.
    • The Campaign starts by teaching you the basic archetype interactions between Fierce, Resilient and Cunning creatures.
    • You then apply those lessons against balanced opponent team compositions.
    • Keep learning about (and applying your knowledge of) more and more mechanics over the various Chapters.
    • The final Chapter has material to challenge players who have reached the End-Game.
  • Missions can be replayed.
    • You can replay a Mission to test new battle strategies but you will not get its rewards an extra time.
    • This means that Campaign Mode provides a finite number of “little boosts” to your Mission progression. Daily/Alliance Missions do not take into account potential Campaign Mode grinding.

So it seems like achievements. Done once and then forgotten.
I hope i am wrong and someone explain to me.


Can’t tell is this is sarcasm… but this feature obviously won’t be there until 1.9 actually drops.

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We are still in 1.8…

I would hope they plan to add new chapters, otherwise we’re gonna blaze through this and move on completely.

As for the finite rewards, I think the least y’all can do is make it give a basic reward (like gold based on the chapter level, some random creature DNA, something) each time it’s completed after the first. I get that you want to avoid grinding, but that’s a part of any good game. If players want to grind, let them. And reward them for the work.

New stuff should become part of our everyday gaming, not just be another thing to check off the list so we can move on. Which reminds me, gonna be adding any more achievements soon?


This is for the beginners that are not up to the PVP level yet. It seems that it is to train the newbies what the different move sets are and the terminology. I could have used that when I was new.


could this be the so requested training mode?

we can replay to test different strategies… :heart_eyes:

An ongoing storyline would be nice. Something that gets added to each update.

I also agree that there should be something for replay value.


Yeah sounds like it teaches you how to battle. Like what immune means and how it works and stuff.


The one-time aspect of these missions is pretty disappointing. Unless they keep adding more, I feel that this feature will be forgotten quickly

That new mode is boring

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I love the campaign but it’s really unfortunate we can’t go over level 67 because of the Level 24 restriction.


I’m using Campaign Mode to complete daily missions. Every day I’ll do just enough battles to fulfill the requirements. I did a few extra today because of the thrill of something new.


I’ll try to do them in one go.And then be forgotten like achievements.

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They are fun, plus it’s a great way not to lose trophies when u have to do dailys… lol much less stressful


i am now stuck at mission 68 due to only having 3/4 level 24 creatures :japanese_goblin::rage::imp::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:

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3/4 level?

They need a total of 4 creatures that are lv 24, but only have 3.

Cant get past the 72th mission. Requires lvl 28 dinos and facing against lv 30 uniques. My highest dino is lvl 26 :frowning:

My highest is 25…only have 3 dinos above 23. Yikes