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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Campaign Missions

Going to be a while before I can breach 72 as well.
But lord lythronax awaits to bless me with a quick end at 73. Lol

I’m stuck on mission 68, too. Only have 1 dino that’s high enough.

wait, you need level 28 creatures to do mission 72?! holy crap, it’s gonna take me ages before i beat the campaign thing…

I’m stuck at 70.

10 patches/updates later
probably still stuck at mission 70 or something rofl

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Ludia, please remove the limit to creature level in Campaign Missions. If you think you can make it with creatures of lower level, you should be allowed to try. As a collector I only fuse DNA to create new creatures, which means that as it is I will never be able to attempt step 67.


Why? Do you think you can beat a team of Magna, Tryko, Utarinex and the new insane Smilonemys, all at lvl 30 tier 8 boosted. If you don’t have tier 28 or above you might as well not even try. And that’s just one of the missions past step 67.

If you’re a collector then you don’t need anything from those last missions anyways, so no worries, right?

The campaign was decent entertainment, the final two missions were especially tough with a full lvl 30 team with tier 8 boosts and then Lord Lythronax awaiting you to challenge him once again in the final mission and the message for beating them all does say they will be updating the game mode with addition challenges so that’s nice.
I gained +200k coin and lots of nice DNA from all the missions and incubators awarded. Nothing to be upset about with it only being a one-and-done thing. And you can always try them out again if you want to test new dinos you’ve unlocked without having to wait for a new strike tower, an AI fight through luck or a friend to fight with. Overall it’s a really nice addition to the game.
And with the game code down it shouldn’t take them super long before they could potentially add campaign challenges weekly, but that’s a bit into the future still.


Congratulations to Ludia for creating ridiculously stupid campaign with a reward that 95% will never get. Are those people insane to think we can beat 4 level 30 dinos and all boosted 8/8/8???

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Highest I can get…
Nice to see someone completing the mission though…:blush:

Did you not notice the DNA rewards?

No, I don’t think I would make it all the way to the top, but it would be fun to try. What’s the point in the limits that prevent you from trying, anyway?


The point would be to make users level up, purchasing coins/HC, so they can complete it. And boosts, of course. They will also need to purchase boosts to complete it.


Even with boosted team is nearly impossible. I won’t bother anymore after trying 30 times with my boosted level 29 team.


Stuck on 71 , the four boosted lvl 30’s is going to take a while lol.

People do that anyway, and the people who have decided not to won’t change their minds just because of the Campaign Missions, and people who have set their minds on completing all the steps will have to do those things to succeed with or without the level limits.

So does campaign reset every week?

In the news section in says “Ends in XX: XX” like every other event so I assume so?

Asking as there has been no mention anywhere or is it just a set and forget exercise

Man, that Grypholyth was so tough to beat, good thing Carnotarkus chomps it to bits. Sadly I need lvl 24 to do the Tenontorex battle.

Hello, can I pleased foto of last rewards? Thanks :joy:

On the Battle screen, there are two tabs near the top. One says Campaign and one says PvP Battles.

QUESTION: There is a red circle on the PvP Battles tab that has a number in it. I see it vary from 1 to 5. What does that number represent?

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I like the campaign missions. But in terms of replaying them, they’re lack luster. There needs to be some sort of incentive to come back to it. I was thinking of a coin reward once a day. No need to give out more dna, but coins are usually always welcome.