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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Campaign Missions

@Idgt902 @practicekat and apex people… smash that for us.

ps: why campaign has a “ends in …” info?

The last two battles took a while - the final one was touch and go (Lord Lynthorax, but with different abilities from the April Fool’s one). But it’s done :slight_smile:


it’s nothing more than trying to get people to spend $20,000 on boosts to win like $100 of DNA,coins,etc

and ludia cheats you the entire time. they know every move you are doing before hand and non-stop 5% crit from the CPU. 30%, 40% crits will never hit for you, especially when you need them.


example of how rigged at least the last 2 missions are… on mission #72

i open thor 4 straight times and CPU opens with utarinex 4 straight times.
next 4 straight, I open with utrainex and CPU opens with tryko 4 straight times
next game I open thor, what a surprise, CPU opens utarinex.
next game I open utarinex, what a surprise, CPU opens tryko…

the CPU literally knows EVERYTHING you are doing and reacts perfectly to your dinos and moves in ways that they couldn’t possibly know, unless of course ludia is cheating everyone out of their minds as usual. wallet been in my pocket since october and will stay there because of things like this.


Yes! AI knows every move we make and that is CHEATING! It’s disgusting they programmed it that way. On top of that Thor’s rampage makes 1x damage instead of 2x to that new hybrid with 50% armour.

You sure you arent distracted because it used pounce?

I’ve played mission 72 several more times after already defeating it. I had a similar experience with the opening dino.

However, every time my opponent’s rinex used decel strike as its first move and didn’t use IC on T2. Including against thor. I’d bet yours did the same thing, but you conveniently omit that part to paint how AI “reacts perfectly to your dinos and moves”.


Mission 72 is about having a plan and then riding your luck. The AI doesn’t react to your choices as much as its OP. It does make mistakes. I beat the mission because it swapped out when it should have stayed and kicked my behind.

I do believe that AI knows our moves. AI’s Magna used Nullifying Impact on my cloaked Erlidom and it always opens with Distracting Impact. There is no way to beat that team unless AI makes a mistake and swaps in and out like before.

If I start with Erlidom then AI’s Rinex always uses Decelerating Strike and then Instant Charge. How convenient is that???

Also, let’s be real. How many players do have their dinos boosted to 8/8/8??? I don’t have even one.

I don’t mind it knowing what i do. It’s supposed to be hard and it’s not like you pay something.


So I wasted all my boots on legendaries whose DNA is going into unique for the campaign. Really​:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They don’t know YOUR moves but the AI is not that dumb in campaign mode. They seem to anticipate based on what move you have available.
Not many have 8/8/8 boosted dinos but with a little lower and some applied tactic (and luck) you can still beat them.

you’re right :joy: because crit rate (even thor’s) is clearly dropped to like 1% so utarinex knows it isn’t going to die. instead it always rampages and runs for 5K+ into a swap-in-stun that always works and a 5K+ precise pounce next turn from the new unique. who, what a surprise, got three straight 5% crits last time i tried.

meanwhile thor, is about 1/100 on crits. i’ve been close probably 5 times. just needed last attack to crit, and never does.

What exactly are you talking about?

What dinos and strategies have people used for level 72, if you’re gonna be a :eggplant: then scroll along. I’m curious how people are getting through this one. Preferably strategy with no DC.

team went off last game, so now I don’t care. but still, just the fact that the CPU’s opener is selected based on your opener makes you wonder what other info they are getting from you that they should have no way of knowing.

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Exactly! I really think they changed AI in the game and it’s cheating.

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I got stuck at 72 as well.

Could anyone kindly post what the rewards for 73 are?

Until you get to the final campaign you need a team of level 24 and up