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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Championship Concerns (04/23)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We have heard your concerns in regards to the Championship, and would like you to know that we’re working on a solution.

Going forward, only the 50 Alliance Members with the most Alliance Points will contribute to the Alliance’s total pool. As of now, the Alliance Championship Leaderboards will update as actions are made. In other words, your Alliance’s position on the leaderboard will not update until a member participates in a battle.

Finally, the game will perform a final validation prior to issuing out your reward which will be based on the Top 50 Contributors.

Should you experience major issues in regards to this, please do feel free to contact our support team at

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time.

Known Issues:
  • At the end of a Tournament Battle, the Alliance Points score displayed might be slightly bigger than reality (usually less than 100 Points off). The score displayed in the Alliance Championship screen can also sometimes be off by the same amount. This can happen if you are not among the 50 best contributors of your Alliance and you improved your high score. We are intending to adjust the end of battle flow to address this issue for the next update.

What about insane point requirements?


Thank you for doing something about an unintended loophole. As for the insane point requirements,… as much as i would like them to drop for this championship, I think it is better to know what is actually achievable before messing with the numbers. If the amount points needed will change, a make up inc would be greatly appreciated.


That is actually a very good compromise to the cheating exploit loophole.


I think it would be good to have two columns for alliance points. One for overall score and one for the current tournament score. This way you can click on either one to see how you are doing in your alliance.

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Nicely done!

Now can we get an adjustment to make the top tier possibly obtainable.



Thank you for updating us on this! This is great news and I can’t wait for the tournament this weekend!


Eh I guess this is good, but at least make tier 10 obtainable… About 750k is the most I can think of for a requirement for tier 10.
No one will even get Tier 8 if you don’t lower the requirements, don’t forget that part Ludia!!!
Tier 8 ain’t even possible currently either, at least with the amount of x2 there are
Minimum 5k x 50 = 250k.
Maximum 11k x 50 = 550k.


I hope to rank top 3 at least :+1:

Oh, so it was an exploit. Imagine that.


Ludia knew exactly what they were doing by having such a high unreachable goal for the top incubator prize. The whole reason for this was to get more daily active players. Either lower the top incubator point goal by A LOT, where it’s actually possible to earn with 50 members. Or, allow alternate accounts to help out, which was your goal to begin with. If alliance choose not to have alternate accounts to reach higher in the incubator prizes, then that’s their choice. It seems they would rather complain rather than put in the extra effort. Ludia always buckles under mob rule lol it’s laughable


Well done for coming out and doing something about this clear and obvious exploit .
Thank you


Several good and valid solutions were discussed here and I think this is the best option going forward. Kudos to Ludia on this one!


Yep, and anybody who thinks 1.25m is obtainable now is doing their math wrong…


Get ready for Spinoconstrictor as the next one, where they will do more X2 and X3 cause they nerfed all the hybrids for it, have it as a season and daily mission reward. (of course this is a prediction.)

I will say this.

I do like this solution a lot, I would have preferred it to be have been the top 50 scores your alliance gets each week.

We had 2 members quit after week 1 mainly because of this championship format as the straw that broke the camels back.

They had acquired approx 3900 points between the 2 of them for that tournament. We replaced them week 2. But we only had 50 people acquire points week 1, and only 50 week 2. But because only the top 50 players overall show up, we lost points that we fairly acquired.

Again, this is just a minor gripe because this is a much better overall solution, but still something to look at.


I think it is a pity, I finally am convincing friends that have stopped playing to play again, and you take away their rewards…

Thanks for making me a liar to my friends. Will tell them to stop playing again…


You need four more variables to do the math (takedown threshold and bonuses for the last two tourneys). We’ll find out how achievable the top tier is once the fourth tourney starts.

I’m not worried about the top alliances reaching Tier 10 but even if it doesn’t happen - it’s the first Alliance Championship. I believe some will receive that top tier reward this first time around, though.

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Can we get clarification on whether or not this will be after every tournament? I hate to see alliances punished because they have members leave in between tournaments.