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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Championship Concerns (04/23)

Good solution to the people using alts to boost their score, now fix the insane requirements. Unless you’ve got 50 people scoring top 500 you won’t get over the lvl4/5 incubator, and even if you do you won’t hit above lvl7. :confused:

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This would be fairer if the top reward was somewhere around 7.5-8 hundred thousand points instead of 1.25 milion.

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…which we currently are in this position. We had 2 members leave after the first week, and those points are now removed from our total. We have not operated with more than 50 participation in either tournament. I appreciate this has been addressed, but it isn’t right to take away from those of us who have gone through natural attrition.


Oh don’t forget the fact that the best rewards are always unobtainable. Don’t forget that part.
I myself have racked up 5300+ points (3089 from last skill tourney.) And top contributor. 5300 x 50 ain’t even 800k. Nowhere near that. Now let’s assume everyone gets 10k points. Still only 500k.

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My alliance is only halfway to the first reward :sob:

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Finally ludia does the right thing! Thanks for listening and putting a stop to these alliances who were exploiting the system

Thanks for listening, Ludia!:grin:


Assuming the next tourney takedown bonus stays the same (1000 AP for 10 takedowns), a team in Lockwood Estates would reach Tier 8 rewards if the final tourney provides 5000 AP for 50 takedowns. Doesn’t seem to unreasonable but we’ll see what the final two bonuses are.

I’ve been in skill tourneys for the rewards, and for trying to contribute AP. I guess I have to rack it up all now 🤦

So what you are basically saying that by exploiting the system with alternate accounts to rack up participation bonuses is something that should be encouraged? And that alliances who don’t want to be exploiting the system should just quit complaining? I’m sorry but I won’t stand for this.

The Alliance Tournaments were meant to see which Alliance was is the best in the game and the only way to really see that is to do it without exploits whatsoever. Exploiting a game is almost never a good thing, as we (the GamePress alliance and all other alliances who played this ‘fair’) think this hurts the validity of the leaderboard and the game itself, as it isn’t played as intended.

So by saying that we should just ‘exploit the system or shut up’ you say that we should all just not play this game as intended. All alliances that are aiming to be high without alts are working extremely hard for this, so I’m glad that they fixed this Exploit.

To come back to your quote: Yes we were complaining. We were complaining about the loss of validity the leaderboard had, as the alliances who worked hard to get the top rewards won’t get the recognition for it. Rather an alliance who has continuously exploited the system and probably shouldn’t be at the top.

I’m not going to make accusations now, I’m not informed enough about alliances’ methods to do that. But I won’t stand for this comment that we should just ‘exploit the game and quit complaining’ when we are working extremely hard to get top rewards WITHOUT exploiting the system.


All this when tier 8 isn’t even obtainable even with alts
I’ve been trying to tell ya…
If you want a feature to actually go right, the grind needs to be obtainable

I think if an alliance really went hardcore to the maximum they could reach tier 8, but most of the top alliances are gonna land tier 7 i think

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I think it is laughable when not even the best alliances in the world can not get even close to the best rewards…

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that’s assuming the participation bonus is only 1k again. They said that would change every tournament so it could be higher this time and the next time when we get the 2x points bonus. Maybe they were fixing this issue with multiple accounts before giving a higher participation bonus because that would have made the issue even worse.

I’m hoping the top ranks are obtainable but we’ll have to wait and see. And if no one gets it, then hopefully it’s adjusted. This is the first championships we have had and they said they would adjust things along the way.


Y’all like against me or something?? It’s what it’s been like since August 15 2018 ya know
Don’t go against me unless you really think something’s gonna happen over what I say, jeez, not like I’m in a bad mood or is that person you see in skill tourneys

Yeah let’s hope if they do they don’t increase it by so little amounts that these rewards will still not be obtainable. No point in trying to grind for rewards, when it isn’t obtainable in the first place.
(Why would they even show it, to draw in players to grind for it?)
However, you could still grind for the highest reward possible TO get.

It’s free unique DNA, free rare exclusive DNA, and two types of free epic DNA one of those being park exclusive so you bet we’re grinding for the highest reward possible lol

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I’m hoping that this is some kind of ‘testing the waters’ situation and that they will alter the reward requirements for the next tournament. Seeing how Ludia has tackled this exploit, I feel like they will also seriously look into the reward system.


Well, boosts have been making money, we can assume that one… And they have been cheating us out of rewards, like that global progress premium incubator. At least that event was actually grindable until they removed it… Now it’s the opposite. Not grindable, nor obtainable
Oh wait, they don’t care about any good reward. Ever wonder why green drops are never in events? Ever wonder why we can’t see epic strikes? Ever wonder why bugs are still in the game since 1.2? Ever wonder anything else I missed?

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So almost everyone’s still against my opinions and statements. Alright you do you. I’ve won more battles than I’ve lost

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