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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments

Our community has brought to our attention that players are using software to alter their account location and exploit the geolocation feature. This is called “spoofing” and is against our Terms of Service.

Players who are spoofing or cheating, in general, have been identified and as of the posting of this message - 07/30/18 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) - will have 14 days to contact Ludia’s support team using the link below. In this 14-day window, we will offer to reset their accounts and compensate all of the purchases made with Jurassic World Alive “Cash”. Failure to contact us within this 14 day period will lead to more severe repercussions, including bans.

These measures will pave the way for Tournaments, which will see the current Leaderboard transition into a seasonal one. As part of this shift, all players who have over 3,500 Trophies will need to be reset to 3,500 Trophies total prior to the start of the tournament. We recognize the effort it took to get over 3,500 Trophies and will be reaching out to these players individually with a one-time reward for their achievements. The Trophy count will then continue to be reset with every new Tournament Season and players in the top rankings will be rewarded with exclusive prizes. More details will follow shortly.

Thanks to our community for helping us develop a fun and fair playing environment,

To contact us:


I gotta hand it to you Ludia, you’ve been doing a great job these past couple weeks…

Basically eliminated bots, incorporated a lot of new features with this update, and now you’re getting rid of the cheaters that rule the top of the leaderboards.

Although I do worry about what the exclusive prizes will be in these seasonal tournaments and whether or not free-to-play players will be in the contention, I gotta give credit where credit is due here.

Please keep making improvements on this great game.


That news is awesome keep up the great work!!!


it has already been done after the blank map problem so probably all those Scamerators(generators that give you cash and coins but leads to virus) and spoofers have been caught


Daaaaang. So many people are crapping their pants right now.

Can we collect the DNA from their tears to make a new epic? :sob:


You wouldn’t have a cheater/spoofer problem if you wouldn’t hide all the good stuff behind an incredible high paywall.


I like that 3500 rank restart. But then again that means that I’ll be running into heavy hitters at reset time as I’ve been stuck right around the 3500 mark.


Trying to trick people into self reporting lol


that will be the days of day but they will probably be a warning notice if they see it first


Would be cool for a “i didn’t spoof” bonus. Lol. (looking at the 4.3k spoofing fb group)


Ludia needs to have better customer service I was told after posting a review regarding missing game cash because of errors and other issue to email them with my player ID and I would get some kind of refund after 7 emailsback and forth of showing them proof I got a response of sorry but we cannot help you. I ask to have a supervisor contact me given the fact that I’ve spent almost 200$ and told them everything I could to prove my losses I think it’s only right to have someone eles contact me NO ONE HAS!!! I will continue to post and I will not change my review till someone contacts me regarding this!!! All I asked for was some of my game cash back and an special incubator that I missed when I leveled up because of errors!!


This is great news this is why I love playing games with ludia they take action against cheaters. I really enjoy playing this game and I couldn’t stand the cheaters in this game like what’s the point you get all the things and you can get bored with having everything right there and now. I’m very impressed ludia awesome job I appreciate you doing this. I can’t wait to start working on the tournament when you release them


I am glad! I hope that the accounts of all cheaters will be blocked!


Dear Ludia,

Thanks for some great changes again.
I really hope you can make true on your promise of having detected cheaters and dealing with them accordingly.


epic collapse of proportions XD

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Just please do it right Ludia. I’m sure everyone has seen the map go flying when they switch to a different app while moving then switch back. Hopefully this doesn’t pop on the spoofing detection algo.


Ok and now fix please blank map error. MY WIFE IS STUCK FROM ABOUT A WEEK.


it will be a long wait time

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why not just make it (spoofing) part of the game and keep the money?
All it takes to take down these types of games is for a game to come along that allows this.
And people will move to that game.