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I never called you a spoofer or a cheater. I’m talking about spoofers in general because that’s what this update will be about. You keep taking it personal when I’m not attacking you nor do I have anything against you. I merely explain to you my reasoning for being against spoofers, disabled or not. If you have trouble with the walking aspect of this game and don’t spoof, all my sympathies go with you and I wish you the best. Please, stop taking my messages as if they were attacks against you because they never were.


What the hell did I just read :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Sometimes can writing creating a total different stand of view. My apologies I have nothing against you.

It is like you say it was for me like personal not general.

I hate spoofing to and I’m glad Ludia take action.


Where do I find the support code?


It is either shown in the Loading Screen at the bottom as well as in the settings tab also at the bottom.


Whoa that was personal. Even though I’m trying to keep things not personal at all. Alright let’s do this.

No, I never said disabled people shouldn’t play this game. If you actually read my posts, you’ll se every time I say if you are disabled and enjoy the game, by all means play it. Disabled, ill or otherwise disadvantaged people have all of my sympathies and really, anything that can make their life easier and more enjoyable, is good for them.

I’m just saying not everything is specifically made for everyone. Not just talking about disabled people, but in general. Hair combs aren’t made for bald people. Are hair-comb makers excluding bald people? Poor bald people! No. It’s just not made for them specifically. If a bald person finds a use for a hair comb and enjoys it, all the better, nobody is telling them not to use it, but it’s true it wasn’t made for them. Now this is a GPS-based game. It was thought for players to move -be it by walking, biking or being passenger in a car, train and what not, but to move regardless. Which automatically means it wasn’t thought for people who can’t move. If someone who can’t move still plays it and enjoys it, that’s amazing. What they can’t expect is for the rules to bend for them. What they can’t do is to break those rules and then act as if the game owes something to them when it’s the other way around. My one and only point is that being disabled doesn’t justify spoofing. I never said they shouldn’t play it, I just said that if they don’t like how it works, there are thousands of other options for them without having to cheat. If they do loke how it works, by all means, stay and enjoy.

However, even if you were right and I actually said those awful things that I never truly said, they would just be my opinion, and I wouldn’t deserve a ban for simply stating my opinion. But as I just explained to you -which I already explained before but you seem to not be able to understand-, I don’t have anything against disabled people playing and my sympathies are with them.

I’m simply against spoofers and specially against people who try to justify their spoofing. Do I really deserve a ban for defending the game’s TOS? Lol.


Ok … sorry … awaiting backlash from gamers (son is gamer and uses gamer expressions, whole different language.
So questions
Fly … how could you fly ?
Spoof … what exactly does that mean
Joystick ? I struggle to hold my phone let alone have a phone and a joystick (didn’t know you could get a joystick for a phone)
Love that you can play as passenger (other son learning to drive, I Co pilot and have a little Dino hunt )


Spoof. Modify GPS so the game thinks you are moving when you aren’t.

Fly. A word in the name of an App to let you do this.

Joystick yes they use a joystick to cheat in this way. Because the screen is used by the app they need another input device the game doesn’t know about. Because their also too lazy to swap apps.


Thankyou for clarifying :smile:. Game speak, it’s like learning a new language :joy:


Driving lesson this morning

I’d like you to drive to the end of East field road, take the second turning on the right, go straight over the roundabout, then pull in and park in a safe position near the second left. Why ? Well he hates roundabouts and there was a T Rex sitting at the finish point :joy::joy:


well, if you think this, then if you steal an apple you are automatically in prison, right? :slight_smile:


So when will the Arena reset?


in 14 days, when the new update arrive


Thank you. That’s good to know.


The whole GPS AR game design brought by Pokemon Go was flawed, change it and lead the genre. If you are too stubborn and short sighted to made a change, someone will do it sometime somewhere else.


You’re telling me. I’ve been playing this game for a while, but I don’t have a whole lot of time to go out. After watching some videos on the VIP and if it’s worth it, I decided to buy it. Right after purchase I didn’t receive my “free” epic incubator. Going through their support questions for a quick answer they said closing and reopening the game should work… it hasn’t. Then they say it’ll automatically apply… it didn’t. So I contacted support about the matter because I didn’t receive everything I paid for. Still haven’t heard from an actual person, just the automated responses telling you they’re busy. Probably too busy helping the people cheating and not the ones properly playing. I cancelled my renewal yesterday, since they’re not helping and I’m not getting what I paid for, and they took away my other VIP benefits. I paid through the month and now I have nothing. They probably won’t help either since they got their money and I’m losing time. I know I didn’t lose much but still…


I don’t understand people who think they can find a reason to use spoofing in this game.

This game is by design not made to be played this way. The goal is to make you go to the POI (it is one way to monetize the game). They have no benefits from you to not be physically there. Because there is a flaw in GPS game doesn’t mean you are allowed to do it. It’s cheating. That’s it. There are no reasons to spoof.

This game made an excellent job to put SD everywhere. I’m often surprised to see so many SD in rural towns it’s really a good point.

I can understand if someone is too lazy to walk somewhere. It’s okay. But then this game is not meant for you or you should accept to only dart dino around your home. It’s just like you would play a ps4 only game but you don’t want to have a ps4. It just doesn’t work.

To all the people who are claiming that a GPS game allowing spoofing should exist I answer I’m fine with that. I will not play this game but I don’t mind.
So instead of trying to change an existing game with a business model, you should promote other game that would base their business model on a spoofing game.

Thanks Ludia for taking actions against this and not let players bend your rules. It’s your game your rules. I’m enjoying it so far !


You’re not very empathetic because you don’t understand what a handicap can do to a person. A game isn’t the end of the world but when it’s the most popular thing the other kids are doing and talking about, it can have an impact! The kids are excited & comparing their latest Dino finds, etc. A child can’t help but feel left out. If they are only using the joy stick to move around & find dinosaurs and not hiding their gps what is it hurting?


This is one game that I’ve played that gives those who don’t spend money on games can play equally. This is an awesome game that gives opportunities to everyone. Yes you can spend money but everyone can get the same Dinos as long as they work for it.


So many people with little excitement in their lives. Crazy