[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


If the game allowed it and everyone could do it, it would be pointless anyway… the whole point is to get ahead of others. Besides, geolocation is what makes it fun, if you just used a joystick it just becomes a bad RPG.


Makes them look good on YouTube


little to no incentive to buy incubators if everyone could spoof. so it will never happen. stop trying to think you can write the TOS for their game lol…


This would be a nicer place without people like you. Your hatred and anger are poison.


This is my point. I dont see why people want to be like zombies cathing DNA…on the streets and parks.
If there was another game with similar battle system without to walk on the streets. Please let me know.


Yeah, would be doing a great job if I didn’t lose trophies in the middle of a battle because of this stupid update.


my worry as well. I had a phone update from sprint a couple weeks ago, and when i reloaded the phone, i started the game, and didn’t notice until after i’d captured some DNA that my gps was temporarily in oklahoma instead of texas…of course when the GPS corrected itself, Owen came on and told me to not play whilst driving lol

but seriously, i’m more than a little worried.


I don’t think you need to worry. It’s pretty apparent when someone spoofs compared to gps malfunctions. Cheers


i hope not. My daddy didn’t raise a cheat. If ya gotta cheat to win, I just say that means you suck at the game you’re playing.


No need to worry my GPS teleported me quite a few times too. About 50km from my house lol. You’ll be fine as long as you didn’t use a spoofer app


like i said, i wouldn’t. i refuse to root or jailbreak a phone…easy way to fry the thing.



So I have to communicate something
First: This game is amazing . I love dinos and play it everyday.
Secondly: But even Ludia does not treat the players fair.

Thirdly: I admit that I used a GPS tool twice. Trail version has expired meanwhile.
But only when I answered about 20 question pages, many apps have installed and have received no dollars. Then I was really angry (like my favorite dinosaur Nundasuchus) and wanted to make up for my lost time about 20 hours!

Fourth: Please also in the future an honest partnership of Ludia to this simply belongs to the offers such as Free Dollar earned also complies.

Lastly, I spend 45 euros a month so far that’s not a little money so please also fair game by Ludia
Understand development costs money and workers must be well paid!

sorry my Englisch is not so good :slight_smile:

nice greetings to all


Hi all I’m very new to Jurassic world can someone please explain what a spoofer is and how can people cheat as I don’t want to do anything wrong TIA x


If you have to ask, you have nothing to worry about…

It’s faking your location through a gps app to roam around the world and find dinos.


Then, if, for example, there was a town with no event boxes and literally the Ludia support ignores you, Will you still play?


In fact it cannot be ruled out that …
So I should notify the European Commission.
no, but it annoys one if the other side expects something and does not create fair conditions. Wait to see what the future holds.


It’s easy: If you have used third-party programs to fake your location, you have cheated. If not, you are safe :+1:t3:

Which is pretty obvious, tbh. Some people complain that they didn’t know they were cheating… Come on, you are using a third-party program to deceive the game. It’s kind of obvious that’s not allowed.


everyone can open a new player account. again: it’s about the fair conditions on both sides!


I would find a game that I would enjoy then. It’s a game. If you are angry or mad because of it maybe it’s not made for you. Ingress for example is not made for me, so is draconius. It’s OK I have found JWA


Fair lol don’t win shot. VIP u don’t give us crap about to dump it. They are no different than u ripping us off.