[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


so spoofers are obviously a very small minority of the player base. may i ask how it is fair to identify and ban all of the cheaters, but still take trophies away (dropping an arena) from the rest of us who spent money/time darting dinos to have a team capable of getting 4000+ trophies and into arena 8? not to mention the time it will take to go from 3500 back to 4000… why are we being punished too?


About the spoofers: ehmmm, i think they are more than 30%

About the arena: that’s due to the seasonal tournaments, if u VIP or P2W, for sure you Will get em back so easy, that’s what Ludia wants :slight_smile:


Still don’t understand what spoofing is.


Thanks I get it now you why anyone would want to cheat is beyond me! it’s just a game a bit of fun you have to be pretty desperate or miserable to want to cheat at a game designed to get people out and about and have a bit of fun in the process, what’s to stop the people that have to start from the beginning again doing the same thing?


It’s not a punishment. They’re reworking the PvP system into a “seasonal” thing. The reduction of trophies will be a recurring aspect of that, so everyone starts at a higher tier but has to fight for it again at the beginning of every new season.

Also: Spoofers aren’t as small a minority as you seem to think they are. Several Spoofing\exploiting groups and communities number in the multiple thousands each, which to me seems rather significant.


walking like zombies hunting for pixels is not very smart.


Health benefits of walking dumb to think they stop if chasing pixels
You carry your own body weight when you walk. This is known as weight-bearing exercise. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness

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I wrote them like four days ago and I only recieved the automatic answer that they will put my in queue but after then they never answered, what should I do?


I love this game. Apparently i am disadvantaged because i rarely dart over 100 and these days i loose as much or LESS than i win (I do delight innblaming fighting a team 4 levels higher, I just don’t get angry about it).

If peoplw only play this game to have the top dino or to pound their chest every time they win, AND they feel At a disadvantage because they don’t win as much as they believe they should… … well, why bother playing.

Except the terms and play as it was intended, or find another game.


I could only imagine why people spoof when they live in the area I do, in NE Pennsylvania there’s nothing but woods, and it doesn’t even count as a park or anything. The only way to get any variety of dinosaurs is if I hop on a bicycle and travel all the way to spots of state game lands that count as a park.


No. I’m sorry but the point of a Go game to to walk and move about. Giving him an unfair advantage over thousands of players in ridiculous.
If someone is incapable of actually moving i would recommend the game Jurassic World, the game. It’s even by Ludia.


By holding and looking at your smart phone while you are walking? No.
By walking in the night to hunt night exclusive dino? No.
If you really wants people to walk, why are there even direct DNA and coins sales in store?


Yo WHAT are you even on about? Holding a phone negates the effects of walking? Why are you acting dense?


I have that problem also everytime I go to battle and it starts to count down when it gets to 29 the game freezes. I have to close the game and when I try to get back in the game keeps freezing up until the battle is over. And I get greated with your opponent won. I’m tired of losing matches that I have no control over! Especially when it’s not my fault! I don’t want a computer playing my game if that was the case why play at all and spend my money in a game I can’t play! So please fix this problem, Thank you!


Why is everyone arguing so much lately :joy:


Because Mars is in retrograde.


And that’s the truth


I want to complain too… Ludia won’t reset my account because I didn’t cheat but wanted to start over with my purchases converted to in game cash. Damn it all to heck :triumph::cry: :joy::rofl::joy:


cheaters have already created a Monomimus


Cheats are getting their dino’s reset. The five stages of loss are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

We’re getting a lot of anger and fruitless bargaining at the moment.