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Did they reply to your mail?


@Jai they did & my longer response is temporarily hidden


I actually have had my dart count higher than 140 through what I was rewarded. I do believe it stopped at 160 though. I did send a msg in case it was a glitch, as I don’t want them to think I have cheated the dart/coin/cash system some how. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do so anyway.


compared to 5,000,000+ downloads just from google play, then add iOS too


When the competitive side is a narrow bottleneck 10,000-15,000 cheaters is significant no matter how you slice it.


Darts you are awarded from battle incubators go on your dart count no matter what. I have had my dart count to almost 300 before. So technically, there is no limit, only where the darts come from.


Oh awesome! Good stuff to know. Ty


I see a lot of ‘excusing reasoning’ going on in this forum. I want to say this for some of these excuses and excusers:

I have been dealing with cancer (stage 4 colon/lymph). I haven’t cheated.

I have had no car. I haven’t cheated.

I have been unable to get out of bed or walk. I haven’t cheated.

There is no excuse for cheating. If and when you can play fairly then play. If you can’t don’t play. It is unfair to all who play fairly.

A company makes a game and has a right to make it the way they see fit within the laws. It may not be able to be played by everyone but it wasn’t made for everyone just those that are capable of playing.

For those of you who want and continue to make excuses for cheating you have an ‘entitlement mentality’ and you need to grow up. It is a game, play fair or don’t play.

The company is entitled to charge whatever they see fit to charge. If you don’t want to pay don’t play.

Stop your excuses, complaining and cheating. Let the rest of us who are willing to play fair and pay to do so enjoy our game. It is our game because we do play it fairly and pay to do so. Cheating deserves to be removed and I don’t think the owners of the company should have to pay to remove you.

Spoofing is cheating!

Since I live every day as if it could be my last (because it could), I don’t stress over small stuff.

I enjoy this game as much as my PoGo and I don’t cheat in it either. Have had all but two of my first region critters, all without cheating. The two I don’t gave are region specific. If I can’t get them fairly then I won’t have them.



@Lady_Syn you can have more than 140 darts either when you purchase them or win them from PVP. I have had my count way up there when I was stupidly buying them then realized it is pretty hard to run out since most dinosaurs I find are sitting near supply points.


That does not mean it’s ok to Manipulate the rules or the gameplay that you agreed to



By holding and looking at your smart phone while you are walking? No.
By walking in the night to hunt night exclusive dino? No.
If you really wants people to walk, why are there even direct DNA and coins sales in store?


That has to have been one of the most ill conceived excuses for being a cheater that I have ever had the misfortune to read. You quite literally made my brain hurt. Please stop before you hurt yourself.




Me oh my! We have so many people with the entitlement mentality.

I have had disabilities since life (mine) began. I don’t feel like I should be entitled just because of having these difficulties. I wasn’t raised to be an invalid. I was raised to deal with my issues.

I have watched parents or grandparents turn perfectly fine children into entitled narcissistic brats that think everything should revolve around them. Talk about a proverbial silver platter. A lot of them are adults now (and still narcissistic brats). They are now raising another generation of the same.

Their are plenty of things in this world that are fine and fun things but not things I can do. I don’t expect those that created them to cater to me.

I’m sorry if people get offended that others don’t agree with their view that there are reasons (excuses) to cheat.


This is only a game and if you can’t play within the rules then don’t play. There are other fine games you can play without cheating.


I wanted to know if I used spoofing when the game was open for other purposes and absolutely other applications, that is, I did not collect any DNA and did not get any advantages, I wrote it in support, but I was not answered within 5 days. is this a violation?
sorry for my bad english


I’m on your side here were i live ther is 3 suppliedrops and no green ones and it spawns max 3 dinos a day so when these green suppliedrop events come i won’t get anything
And the tresure event that is going on right now there is no tresure’s where so if i want to find anything new i have to go almost 15 km


Bot user software went batty, funny as hell… his lvl 10 raptor had only “pounce” no strike, so when I used a dino with a “hit & run” 2x, on 2nd “H&R” software glitches timer so it repeats & I am in a loop fighting an invisible raptor, while person try to bail on game.


Can someone tell me which date and time the reset is, please. Cause of my up en downs in the trophy leader bord…
I apreciate it!
Reply is welcome😃


Why would this be flagged. Simple Google translate of German to English and you would see he was applauding Ludia. Literally took me less than 20sec


Or a single epic a month til the event dinos became a thing.


There are loyalists in this forum fIagging literally everything that is essentially harmless but doesn’t fully fit the rules - like small comments in other languages.