[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


Or when my wife and I go out driving and we take turns giudeing the driver to rates and epics


so hold on what about the people that live in small areas and not big places were i live i like get no spawns and i gets annoying so why cant you try to make a hacker only leaderbord so then they can play on there own grounds and i get were you all are coming from with the whole tournaments and have fair game but im pretty sure that everyone that is a fan of dinos or jrassic park loves to play this game but not all of us live in NYC or London or any where big like that thats just what i have to say


Yay! My account finally got reset - now let’s see how long it takes for my in game cash to get reimbursed…


Why was this post reported?


I can only agree. And I also have an illness that regularly prevent me from even leaving the house. Still, I don’t cheat and I can guarantee you most of the cheaters have no such issues whatsoever.


I’ve never actully spoofed but has anyone actully self reported yet? I don’t see a whole lot of people actully doing that??

Its more fun if you get out and about with the game plus it keeps you fit if you walk.


@zomdax999 I live in a small rural town and I can still play this game legitimately. I also have a house out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by soybeans and corn fields and even there I can still manage to play. There’s no excuse.


It’s in the forum ToS. At present, only English posts are allowed.

I think it’s silly, as Chrome usually translates, but rules are rules.


I played legit for a long time, but then ran up against other cheaters and the impossible level 30 bots, so got bitter and spoofed for a few weeks. I self reported, since I had also spent money and didn’t want to get banned and lose it all! I have just recently been reset and got all the in-game cash reimbursed. I LOVE the reset. Since the update it is easier to find rare and epics, I got A TON of cash, and have been out every day, twice a day (like I used to!). I am now at level 7, 4th arena, and I have some pretty great knowledge on what to concentrate on and what to not bother with. Going great for me!


How many days did it take them to reset and reimburse you after you contacted them?


Long story short - 10 days.


The problem is though if you try to ban all the spoofers you will probably loose half or maybe more of the people who play the game, people spoof because they don’t have time to go out and search for dinosaurs or they can’t get out to search like disabled people, or some people have no dinosaurs around where they live, I hardly play anymore as the game has problems loading or keeps crashing, it seems to freeze during a battle I can’t do anything but the battle continues and I end up loosing, the game has its problems


Its a new game. Pokemon go was pure chaos for months when it came out.

Spoofers shouldnt be able to be anywhere near the top competitive tier but guess where the majority hang around. Its a competitive game so being able to catch whatever you want when you want is a huge advantage over people who actually ya know spend money on gas, sweat walking around and take time to earn those same dinos. Im glad jimmy can sit at home and catch as many t rexs as he wants while I have to get lucky


I see your point but there are people who can’t drive or walk, some disabled people aren’t fortunate enough to be able to get around but still love these sort of games and get beaten every time they try to play because they can’t collect those dinosaurs that they love because they just can’t get them to level up


But if they CAN cheat then they go grab all the overpowered dinos…you cant expect people with the ability to get the best dinos to be nice and choose to not catch every dino they want…the whole reason people spoof is oh i need 500 t rex DNA teleports to t rexs as fast as possible meanwhile im a 4400 trophies with only a lvl 17 indom cause t rexs dont like me :joy:


Or Ludia could permanently add 10 darts( /150) and +5% battery range to all those who didnt cheat and play the game as it was intended…

For the cheaters they get a full reset but get any packages they paid for back and darts permanently dropped from 140 to 25.


I’m one of the disabled. I only really get out for doctors and hospital appointments. I love the game but all the good dinos seem to be just out of range, I don’t mind, I just enjoy playing


It’s really not a trick. Rage of Bahamut (it was a card game of different monsters from mythology) had the same problem; software that gave them unlimited HP and Stamina so they could by any card in the bazaar. They had multiple accounts (literally hundreds) to boost their main account. They said the exact same thing more or less. Let us know within the next 72 hours which account you want to keep and will allow you to keep everything you’ve purchased. People said the same thing, that it was a trick but they were crying 3 days later when they banned. Right before that happened they instituted new software so you had to register your device. So, the people that were banned couldn’t even start a new account.


I feel your pain!! LOL! I swear as soon as I run into one they just disappear, or the game glitches cause I’m not at home and I only collect like 10 DNA. :sob:


Ludia i followed a “ link “ from the game i was curies whut it was i was hopping it was something about reporting stuff that dont work like my husbond gets spawns i dont and rewerse. Why does everybody get this messedge ? I thourth you had already flaged the cheters ? Im defently not theres no need too ! Just go out there ! I Got 5 epic spawns today :grin: yay and 3 giraffatitans and 6 armargasourus :grin::grin::grin::grin: ( yes propperly spelled wrong but who cares ) and loads of commens usefull dinoes no need too cheat ! ( Well yes if you crave beeing on the Leader bord as a little media freak that need that sort of atention ) persenly i just enjoy the game :heart: