[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


I got this when I entered a battle.
Next thing I know I already lost the battle. Being cheated a lot. Ludia tech responded they can’t do anything about it…spending a lot of money, you can’t restore my ranking to at least the safety net? Wow!


When your game does that hard close it fast count til 3 before restarting the game ! I tryed this alot . And lost only 1 figth corse of this resently. If it freeses on you hard close and restart :+1:t2: Best of luck :sauropod::t_rex::sauropod:


Happened twice already

Same thing lost the fight


Please restore my ranking at the battle arena.


…I’m sorry… what?


I’m not using Fake GPS or anything else like that.I swear to God I’m not!!!Please don’t reset or ban my acount I just made it to the Sorna Marshes.Please!


I’m sure they have not identified anyone lol just want them to think that so they snitch on them selves lmao :joy:


almost everyone in the top 200 or so is obviously. you have 5 level 25 uniques already, you spoofed. they can also see how much you’ve spent and if it doesn’t match your team, pretty obvious.


Does not mean they identified anyone they are guessing and assuming that they are spoofing they can’t go by what they see on the leader board there are people out there that dedicate many many hours of play I’m level 10 and have level 15,16 Dino’s so I’m sure it’s not that hard.


My exact thought. (20 char)


I have had issue of players getting 2 strikes against my dinosaurs before I can get one, how is that possible?


:heart_eyes:🖒Perfect. keep it up, rackers do not deserve to be here.


our friend. your case is different I estimate improvements in healing. hug :v:


For the spoofing what about kids who are to young to drive and their parents won’t drive them around to play a game.


I don’t like cheaters they should be kicked out not allowed to play if you can’t wait for the dinosaurs or you don’t have patience don’t play the game if and and of you are money tight maybe you shouldn’t play because all games requires money at some point in the game


I hear ya. I have enough trouble being around 3500! I go from 3250 to 3500 and back down. It is fun though! :yum:


I don’t know why i receive this message when i cannot use EDT. in 07/30/18 i cannot remember where i stayed, please, check my phone because i’m not spoofing or cheating my identified.


Let the people spoof, stop blocking the fun. You should be fixing the goddamn hybrids, some of them are ok but some others are pieces of garbage, even epic ones, such as amargocephalus or postimetrodon. Newly added hybrids are worthless and suchotator too, despite its increased stats after the update. We need also more hybrids, because lythronax, triceratops 2, iguanodon and other useless commons have otherwise no reason to exist. And wiping out nundasuchus and sarcosuchus was another bad idea. I really miss them.

So stop banning people and get to work.


John if you are referring to the mail message about self reporting don’t worry it went to everyone (all players)


There is a lot to go on.

  • Country changes but IP carrier stays the same.
  • Altitude remains same as they go over hills.
  • Jail break ios, rooted droid.
  • having a data pattern of a cheat group.

If someone maxed out on cheating it will be obvious.