[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


It’s a good game I wish they would give more attempts


I had the exact problem… missed two special offers I was willing to buy because it froze. Contacted waited weeks with back and forth slow replies just to end up with “ there’s nothing we can do “ so gutted!


Me and my husband are truck drivers so our locations are always going to change. I’m not sure if y’all think we are spoofing or not but we aren’t. We just move around a lot due to our jobs. We each have our own rig. I didn’t know anything about spoofing until now. So I’m not sure how y’all tell people are doing that. But I can assure you I’m not one of them. I have no idea how to use all my phones features let a lone do something like that


Take a walk? I live in the middle of nowhere. The only way I can catch dinosaurs is to be a passenger in a car. So if “getting out and exploring your world” or exercise were really the idea behind the game, they wouldnt have everything located along the road. The closest 2 parks to me have 1 dino each and it is a 14 mile round trip drive to get them. I haven’t spoofed because I am too chicken but I honestly dont see it as cheating. To me, it seems more like leveling the playing field. I have seen screenshots people post. These big cities where they have 6, or 8, or more dinos and endless supply drops on one screen. If Ludia really wanted to make the game fair, they would have the same amount and type of dinos regardless of location.


Like everyone else has said I hope they don’t punish the ones with a legitimate problem in game. I know what they’ve been through when I would switch off data with my old phone I would be glitched to who knows where thousands of times. Needless to say it happened when I would go to leave my house.

And honestly I fail to see how people can even glitch the apps never work. Admittedly have tried before because I was stuck on a completely empty lake. Like legitimately why would I glitch onto water!?!? I mean if this were pokemon go and they actually appeared in water than cudos.

Not to mention due to the countless times the game has told me’are you driving while playing’ when no I am NOT driving the car wasn’t even in motion!!! Heck I went to the park once and walked around the entirety of it and my location never moved to where I was! Instead it was moved in the opposite direction.

And the game my street is horizontal I walked south and theres an evil dog. I walk north to catch a dino three days later and it low and behold says. I. Walked. South.

And all of this happened with an old phone since switching cell phones it doesn’t happen as much. Still occasionally am shot into the midst of no where when I move off the app to reply to a message but I deal with it. So all Im saying is Ludia do it right. Think about how you’ve probably had some issues with the game as it is still new and being updated frequently and make sure you aren’t punishing the ones who aren’t cheating.


This whole thing reminded me of a friend I used to know! (Haven’t spoken in years)

Basically his job was to escort handicapped or injured wealthy people wherever they were going! It always required air travel and many times within a 24 hour period he would go from Miami to France and to Germany to England and Spain! He loved the job because you always travel first class and when overnights were required the best hotels!

He was a single guy and had a blast doing it but if he played the game what would they think of him!


My question is if the cheaters have been identified, are they still allowed to play and ruin the game for everyone else until the window closes? I feel like they are, or else there’d be no downside to self-reporting. Like someone posted a while back, their account was suspended and wouldn’t go past the loading screen. If this was done to everyone “identified” as cheating, why wouldn’t someone report themselves? Why not just “identify” cheaters, reset their account and move on?


I live i the country no dinos out here all the dinos are in the big cities. I been spending more money in gas thab the game


I just took a 17hr road trip i pretty sure they think i cheated


The new battle updates are idiotic and cause extremely abusive people to have advantages using 5 time swaps and counter attack mixed with crit after crit after crit. Fix your battle system and did the world of counter attack it’s abusively used with all counter attackers in your party guarantees you get free damage. No dinosaurs with instant invincibility should be aloud to use counter and no dinosaur should be aloud to counter if it was switched to quick easy fix. Make it to where there is a swap limit in PvP. Who cares about spoofer fix the garage battle system designed for abusive kids. A level 20 steg shouldn’t be the strongest dino in the game thanks


That’s Tough… shall we let them drive because they’re not old enough, obviously not.
So why should it be anyone’s problem that they can’t catch dinosaurs.

Cheating is cheating


I’m wheelchair bound and it’s extremely hard to get dinosaurs. I’m even VIP.


Trust me they have. I was just talking about this in another post. This game Rage of Bahamut had the same problem, they gave the cheaters 72 hours after they instituted this thing where you had to register your device. Everyone thought they were trying to trick them, but there were a tons of people crying 3 days later.


You guys will be fine don’t worry about it .they can’t ban you unless they have solid proof u are in fact cheating location has nothing to do with it they more worried about peoples ip addresses and all that crap.


I did that got no where smh.good luck


So is it also considered cheating if I actively roaming around my city using car or motorcycle (not implying that I’m the one who drives) instead of “walking and running” as the game intended for? Because I really concerned about many times I and my brother needed to press the I AM PASSENGER button anytime we go DNA hunting.


Ban day in 24 hours. Can’t wait. Gunna be so many people crying



i don’t spoof, but you all act like these are criminals. many of them probably didn’t even know it was against TOS. ludia even said they weren’t aware that people were even doing it until the community brought it to their attention. how long is the TOS? and how many of you actually read it?

having to face level 30 bots? garbage incubators? battle arena bugs that have been there for months? all costs players time and money. there was a reason.


I hope that something is done tomorrow about spoofers after the reset, and it wasn’t a bluff.

Tbh, a lot of spoofers with crazy teams typically don’t play that well in the arena because they haven’t worked for what they have and have very little knowledge on how the game works. So they don’t effect me as much as some people, though I don’t agree with cheating and hope they all get banned.

However, if Ludia don’t follow through expect a massive influx of fresh spoofers in the next few days/weeks.