[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


Really sorry if I’ve ever come across that way. Learning to lose and why is normally done around the age of 12. It’s natural some people find it a hard thing to learn. As praise is given to winners and children seek praise.

But it also really breaks the games for everyone else. So I’m celebrating my number 1 problem getting a great fix.


Today and tomorrow haha


Is it tomorrow? Good cause I’m sick of hearing about it.


Did you respond to this email because I have and had a response in under 1 hour with my cash delivered


I am glad that the company is taking cheating seriously. Cheating ruins the game for legitimate players. Also costs the company who developed the game money.

Those who cheat by spoofing their location will cheat by getting the unlimited coins and dollars as well. Cheating is cheating.

Cheaters do not care about the others around them that are playing fairly.
They don’t care about those who pay gas money to travel places to play. Those who walked their thousands of steps in a day to catch hard to find DNA. They consider them beneath their cheating selves.
They don’t care about the developers who spent money to make the game. They don’t care about the developers who spend money and time to improve the game.

About anyone but themselves. They have to be the top tier. They have to have the best. They have to have the most. They don’t care that others work hard. They only care about how they can have the best, the most and how they can hurt or defeat everyone else.

This is a GAME.
People should play for fun. Your not beating anyone out of anything other than yourself out of a good time and a good game.
You are improving your skills in the game when you play fair .
You are enjoying your down time from real life problems when you play (and play fair).
You are enjoying looking at your wonderful collection of dinosaurs and watching it grow. The ones you worked hard to get playing fair.

I enjoy collecting the dinosaurs. I am only at level 10 but I have a nice collection. I am looking forward to getting my first legendary and my first unique dinosaurs. Such elusive creatures. As of yesterday I have 85 of the 112 dinosaurs they have out now. I finally got my Blue. I am so happy. I am looking forward to them creating more combos too.

I have to travel to get to parks to play. I have to spend time and money to play. It is worth it to me to spend the time and money because I get to walk and find dinosaurs :t_rex: :sauropod: . When I can walk I am happy because sometimes I can’t.

I meet others on the hunt for their dinosaurs.

Tell me, what is the fun of cheating to beat all those other people out there enjoying their game? They can be proud if their accomplishment. They worked hard.

Those that developed the game worked hard to make an awesome game.

As a cheating person, what have you achieved? Undeserved fame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:? Undeserved dinosaurs? So you can go out and tell people look at what I cheated to get :rofl:? Seriously :unamused: WHAT have you accomplished? Are you really pleased with yourselves that you know how to cheat everyone else? Such an amazing example of humanity.

For those who have impediments or disabilities and do the game fair, kudos. For those that have harder times getting out to play your success is that much sweeter, your collection that much nicer. You took the time to do it without cheating. Kudos to you all.

Hey Cheaters, what kudos do you get? You cheated to beat someone unknown to you and have not a clue how hard they worked or how proud they are if their accomplishment. You don’t deserve your win and you know it. :crazy_face::rofl:


Have you got a book publication for a post that long pal?


Not yet, you offering :yum:


wasnt talking to you. and the rest of that doesn’t make any sense. good try though.


Source probably makes sense.


Well I have nothing to worry about but some of the players that have been playing it seems like they are cheating I’m some of the things I feel like I’ve been ripped off too


i have ive been trying to get my rewards paid out since 1st june had some paid out all the low ones and the highest is over 6k in cash im totating at just over 10k with all offers that havent been paid. i reply to the email with all proof never get a reply except when they close the ticket due to no contact from me and i keep having to reopen them i attach proof to the reopen email then i get a email asking for proof which ive already sent so send it again to be told they closed it again.


Differend levels make sometimes an extra of differend spawns


i cannot conact for some reason my phone wont let me use the link
so im contacting this way hope it works
i think im supposed to contact to show ive read it?


Tomorrow (later today? I’m on EDT) the leaderboard will be cleansed of spoofers and regenerate with legit players. Looking forward to it! And yes, hoping to get back on it :grinning:

Cheaters, be gone!


No, only if you’re a spoofer/cheater! If you play legit, nothing to worry about.


Just in case legits are effected write down the support key now. In case you can’t access the account whenever they flush.


starts today for banned ?


Anyone got banned yet? I’m curious.


I need my ranking restored to at least 3500 (safety net)
Thise cheaters should be banned for life…I’m talking with my bank cc dispute department already about getting my money back…:roll_eyes::pray::heart::wink:


Best of luck with that