[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


Just so you know the main 4 rules of spoofing Pokemon go
1 never spoof to another country
2 all ways use joystick slow and steady
3 never go past what u can walk
4 only spoof 3 or 4 times a day
So if ppl who have been spoofing pokgo since day and never been banned what makes you think the same rules can not be followed on this game and no I don’t cheat don’t see a point in collecting tons of dna only to be suck dry haveing to buy coins to lvl them as I’m a f2p


Hit the nail with me… I walked for hours, twice a day (graduate student, needed to get away from my paper once and a while) and built up a good team with minimal investment - yes I paid for a few incubators. Then BAM level 30 bots fight after fight… I got mad and spoofed, and STILL never beat the level 30 bots. Have since been reset and having fun. I have over 1million coins and almost 20K cash. :smiley:


this is the post didnt think it was anything bad as its not the only 1 on this feed


This forums filter is mentioned several times in the book of revelations. Its mere existence is an afront to all that is holy. In no way is your or any other post to blame.


i see, makes sense why its been hidden again lol


Any update on when the trophy reset is?


This is what happened to me. I was going on tons of walks when I first started playing, and I loved doing it. But then, I found out that many children were getting kidnappped and trafficked in my state, about 14 kids are missing in my own town, and then there have been a couple of shootings that have happened here in my town. All of this got me really scared to go outside, but I still wanted to explore the dinosaurs and stay safe. I know a lot of people hate the hackers and cheaters, but some of us do it for a good reason, because we want to stay safe with our families.


No excuses! Cheating is cheating!


If your story is true the absolute least of your problems is losing your dino’s.

You should be working on nothing but school work so you can escape.

Why do I feel there is a creative writing class on the spoofers discord channel? There are vampires eating children in the street but I really love jurassic Park. Dinosaur was the first word I said. But though it kills me not to walk I just got to spoof and use my level 27 indo to be number one. So my dieing mom and pa have a reason to carry on and be proud of me.


So am i going to lose my account i play the game the way its supposed to be i dont cheat and ive workwd really hard to get to level 7 ive spent money on this game and i dont normally spend money on games


I also said I’ll continue to play an pay. An so I never said there the only spenders, I said they are the games biggest cash cows.


They’re not, so it’s still a deluded statement to make.


Wow someone reported this message. Some people have no lives


Believe it or not it’s possible a moderator did that! They don’t want us using profanity or even disguised profanity using *** to hide letters!

I think if a mod does it or it is flagged by people it has the same message.

I could be wrong

So if I am I digress


I could argue there are many more than five.
But I’m sleepy.



Facebook group fan page, so you can also interract there if you want


You will be fine I drive my self and my wife gos everywhere with me we both level 10 with Almost 100 Dino’s collected u won’t be banned unless your IP address,Geo location changes dramatically from one min to the next like today you are in nyc and 1 he later you are in Africa somewhere lol .you be ok .


Glad they held up there end. I withdraw my 1st quick judgement about Ludia.


Dude, it’s a little over the top to suggest that a kid do nothing but school work. It’s a little hypocritical because I’m sure you can look back and remember what it was like to be a kid. I’m not saying anything about the rest of your message, just your comment about only doing school work.


I can’t match your back reading skills. But of the two responses to living in an unsafe area. Spoof or knuckle down at school. Knuckle down at school is the one I’d go for.

Oh it’s also not hypocritical. Omg I was a swot and super nerd back then. But then I was writing the computer games not playing them.