[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


First match I play and oh guess what? Unfair match up, really need to set players with players that have the same level dinos cause it’s really unfair, I mean that thing took out my whole team



Look at that team, even if I took out that level 28, I would have been wiped out


This. So many times over THIS. I’m just waiting for the bubble to burst.


I just faced a bot who was 0:2 behind and then brought in a Velo, his 2nd Stegodeus, Stegoceraptor and finally Indominus Rex which got killed in the end. Altogether he was using 6 dinos in one battle but still lost since his battle strategies were rather poor. The worst part is that even if you beat those cheaters you only get 11 trophies as a reward. And if you lose you often lose much more than 30 (my personal record was -49).

But thats part of the game and can never be changed im afraid. Since we all have to face it, its kind of fair in the end. Im just sorry for the ambitious honest top-players who got kept from the top ranks they deserve thanks to those idiots.


People who cheat like to win and because of this they want it all and don’t understand what teamwork means.


Just curious if Ludia succeed with their crusade against cheaters at all?

Just came across of few, last one somehow cheat the system thus it ignored my switch from one dyno to another (although it clearly shown as my action on top left corner) and had one bite win. Before that my choose of attacks was ignored so my dynos always bite with simple one.

Moreover these cheaters aren’t appear at latest opponent’s list - how it’s possible?

So disappointing :confused:


I have faced the same issue during a couple of matches and feel the opponent might not have anything to do with our actions. It is our internet connection or if I put it in a subtle way JWA App not responding properly due to some issues.

Since any Internet based app is client(our phone)/server(their side), the actions performed at our side does not get reflected at server side and the computer takes the default action. Therefore, we see our new dino selected/moves selected at client side but it doesn’t get executed.
Not sure who is to be blamed for this. Maybe the company needs to optimize internet usage, grant extra wait time or something when a response is not coming or just has to do what they are doing now!


It kills me when you go up against what seems to be a bot, always run the time down each and every turn and if that’s not annoying enough, beating you when you clearly should be whipping there arse!!!(Screen cracking as I beat phone against my my forehead!)
Wait there’s more! Paying for the onetime deal upon lvling and getting screwed out of the epic DNA which shows that you have leveled not 1 but 2 epics,and as you happily tap away at the lvling up bar (dino’s both flashing away with green lvl up arrows…) and the Ludia response is??? Not enough DNA!


Hi @torque, thanks for sharing.

Re: internet issues - I was also thinking about this case, but from my understanding the app should not present an action as applied until it’s actually applied, e.g. dynos switch should not be indicated at top left corner if the system doesn’t really applied it. If client UI totally could be “fake” it’s bad app architecture I suppose.

And again, why internet connection is faulty until the moment of opponent win? Once it happens the battle is over and battle results shown/penalty applied - that looks strange for me.


That’s exactly what I found so strange, Boom they win and suddenly…Bob’s your uncle and Fannie’s your aunt!! All is good again…


PvP architecture is connection loss error prone. Ive said before and I say it again tactikon 2’s message-system based pvp far superior


I guess it’s their design on maintaining good user experience while having easy coding (it’s easier to code: always select leftmost move/leftmost dino vs selecting intelligent move).

On AI should not select any move on your behalf: Imagine you are on the other end and having to wait an eternity while opponent is not selecting any move! Sometimes, people might do this just to go to lower arena and then this can become more irritating. The computer has to apply some kind of logic where the participants do not respond/quit/issues and not sure if they can easily differentiate between all these.

Maybe the company needs to fix whatever bugs they can from the huge open list to minimize these kind of issues!


Update for not relevant Recent opponents list: just find out what it sorted not in order from the very recent to older one but by their rank - that’s confusing me, why they should be sorted in such way? :thinking:


Ran into a velociraptor that somehow had invincibility. Nodo struck him twice and “0” damage showed up. Could’ve been just a glitch but then again who knows.


Likely someone didnt put in the correct program anagram. I came across the same issue with koolasuchus.


This is so frustrating. I lost 268 DNA the other day. The other real frustration is the constant disconects from the APP, where it then says I won but I have to log back in. Then it says I lost. It’s not my internet either. I am on a WiFi at my house.


Send the glitch error to support using your information at the help & support location on the bottom of your profile.


I did. I got a reply about the 8 hour incubation that i opened but nothing about the 24 hour incubator that i had issues with. It was like the person summarily ignored me and moved on. I replied so hopefully they will actually read it this time.


Or that person just hasn’t been able to get bavk to your message yet. I would suggest sending the information again just to be certain.