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U are not very nice to others think about it that there are many people with a muscle disease. Or cancer like me. I’m playing and most of the time my body doesn’t allowed me to go walk miles. I heard from many players I must quit the game. I’m a PlayStation gamer a serious one I played a lot iPhone games. It’s not kind to say people are to lazy yes some really are but not all. I’m leveling slow cause I can’t walk miles my not allowed to drive ECT. In the very beginning Ludia said making the game that playing at office or home will be equally to walk. But they find the meaning and wants from healthy players more important then what they said in the beginning that’s why lot not healthy people started to play and later spoofing. I’m not spoofing but I need to spend some money to get along and no my animals are not equal to others on my level. Imy meaning is that Ludia players that monthly payment and spend money they deserve a epic incubator or some price. Cause thanks to those who pay can Ludia go on. They can also give people a chance to buy a 6 or 12 month with a little discount. Like 12 month s is paying 10 months or extra incubator stuff. Those who pay don’t get a lot for the money it could be better. Last week’s the loading GPS issue not spawn animals will they give Al the players that play every day some goodies for it?


You misread my comment. My point stands still.

My nephew has a rare disease that make him unable to use his legs and he can’t go out for long. He loves dinos but he is playing other games like jw:evolution. He likes the jwa concept but he understands that the game is not made for him.

Sometimes when we go out together we play. It’s great but he has better games to play fitted to his capacities. He never told me about the game being “unfair” or how it should be. Maybe it’s because pogo was the same kind for him.


It is like kakuro games (Yes I know I am old :sweat_smile: ). I love kakuro but I cannot calculate in my mind the amount of more than 3 cells, I am not so smart on math :sweat_smile: so I play kakuro if there is my husband with me who is a math genius. I don’t use excel to do the math, because doing the math is the main goal of the game.
I am not sure I can make understand the point that @quakeur well explained.


If you can’t get out and walk or have someone drive you, regardless of your disability, then you shouldn’t be playing this game. If you stupidly choose to play a game that was designed with mobility in mind, then do not spoof. If you spoof, then get caught and banned, you have no one but yourself to blame, and then you just have to find a game you can play while sitting motionless.

You knew from the word “go” that this game was not built around you, but you insisted on playing it, and breaking the game’s TOS agreement by spoofing. And now you expect us to pity you and give you everything you want on a silver plate? Um… no.

This is how you can tell the difference between an actual disabled person and a cheater who’s faking in order to keep from getting banned:

  1. Statements designed to invoke some sort of pity or empathy in the forum. These are usually long and wordy, going into way more detail than is necessary. In other words, the cheaters are trying too hard. Most actual disabled players either follow the TOS, or don’t complain half as much - if at all.

  2. Getting kids involved - basically amounts to denial of them actively playing, but little Billy likes it. He’s 4 you see, and loves dinos.
    Reality - these are statements made by either the worst parents ever (throwing their kids under the bus), or as part of the above mentioned sympathy play. I’ve never seen any adult with disability use their own kids as “shields” to take the blame for their cheating, if indeed they cheated.

  3. Responses bordering on the abusive - “You’re a monster”, “How dare you”… blah blah bloobity blah. Look, you’re already not fooling anyone, and if you are, i feel sorry for the people you are actually conning. I however, have no pity for any cheater. I turn off my empathy as soon as i start reading their little stories. If you can turn it off, then figuring out it’s just a con is easy. And having thick skin as well as no ego to bruise helps as well when dealing with internet stuff like this. I have seen many disabled people out there playing JWA or PoGo in zimmer frames, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, etc… so this whole thing about “can’t get out” pretty much is a non-argument. If they can, so can anyone.


If they can’t move around at all, then they need to play some other game, regardless of whether or not they like Jurassic World. JWA is definitely not for you if you can’t move at all. JW:tG is a game that requires literally no movement, and guess what? You still get to play with dinosaurs!

Spoofing not necessary in that one. Spoofing is definitely not allowed in this one, under any circumstances, as outlined in the game’s TOS.


I concur.

I can’t swim that well… thus, I don’t do triatholons.

I’m not gonna go and complain to the Ironman Championship executives to let me use a jet ski!


Exactly right. The cheaters have figured out that the best way to con Ludia into letting them stay is by exploiting the “disability” angle, pretending to be disabled people.

Every cheater/spoofer thread i have read since the beginning of the “banwave” is filled with these people, all trying to tell their sob stories in great detail (because they might forget something later if they don’t have something to go back and look at for reference), a lot of them calling us “heartless” or worse.

It doesn’t faze me one bit. It doesn’t surprise me either, since i kind of knew these slimeballs would stoop to something this low. You have to get inside their minds, and ask yourself: “if i were a cheater, and i was in danger of being banned, what would i do to escape punishment?”

The answer is pretty simple. If a cheater will stoop low enough to ruin the game for everyone else, they’d have no problems with pretending to be disabled. They don’t understand morality or right from wrong anyway, nor do they care about anyone or anything except themselves. The ones who think they can stop cheaters and spoofers by being “Dudley Do-Right” are deluding themselves. You can never - and I mean never stop them with something so predictable. They expect us to take the high ground. So there’s no shame in some low down, dirty fighting if we really want to catch them off guard. We can’t be afraid to stoop just as low as they do. They expect us to take the high road, but why should we? Why can’t we just turn right around and carpet bomb the living crap out of them? Basic rule of war: before your enemy can go to ground, leave no ground to go to. Scorched Earth policy.

Ludia is handling this the wrong way. By coddling the cheaters in our midst, by giving them what they want, by allowing them to run riot and destroy the tournament for many of us who were climbing up the ladder, only to get knocked down fast by these creeps - they have in effect hobbled their own game. They just don’t realize it yet. More and more players will start to leave. With them goes more and more revenue that can’t be made up for, because word of mouth travels fast. Over time, the only people left will be the spoofers and other cheaters, and that’s not enough revenue to keep this game running.

So for the short run, yes they’re still making money.

But they pretty much already killed JWA, when you step back and look at the big picture.


Yeah I agree all the random new content seems like a band aid. If only ludia had balls to treat the bs artists for what they are pure scum


Unless they can prove it - and i mean with actual medical records, disability paperwork, etc… then a story is just a story. And this is the internet, where it’s possible for anyone to get online and tell the biggest bs sob story imaginable, offer no real tangible or credible proof of their “disability” - and somehow still get people to believe them!

Social media in general has opened the floodgates and let monsters roam among us freely and unchecked, so it’s not a surprise to me when some gullible idiot starts a GoFundMe to raise money for some kid they don’t even know, who has some evil, messed-up disease that’s killing them (They don’t actually know the kid personally - they just saw a viral post on FB or Twitter, and their stupidity gene took over). 9 times out of 10, guess what? There is no kid. It was all made up. The ones dumb enough to fall for this act are the ones i feel sorry for. They just got scammed.

It’s simple. If you don’t actually know the person, if you’ve never met the person in real life (so you have no clue if they’re actually disabled), then you have absolutely no reason to take them at their word.

Photos can be stolen or faked, don’t take those as proof positive, either.

Welcome to the wild, wild west - the internet of 2018. Trust no one - and always watch your back, because no one else is going to do it for you.


Just battled wirh someone with 0 trophies.


I’m curious, once Ludia partitions the spoofers from the legit players, where is everyone going to direct their anger then?


The last Muppet movie? The newest season of Archer? Who cares… At least they’ll be playing in the tournament against others that have worked for their dna instead of someone who couch surfed it ten hours a day. And they’ll be able to sustain themselves on their long walks with spoofer tears… Which is nice.


It’s like that sometimes, it usually updates after they do another battle.


I’m just kinda sitting by the wayside for when this tourney ends. I didn’t even get close with my little battle group which is fine. Didn’t expect to make it. But what happens once the tournament ends is going to erupt. I’ve already started popping my popcorn so I can sit and watch the hijinx soon to ensue. :popcorn: :popcorn:


Concepts of JWA are based on mobility. I understand your point of view, but I also agree with others who would use location deviations to play the game still.

Those locations programs are designed for people that lack that ability or have medical reasons for not being able to gain in the fun for this type of game.

Individuals, who play the game, have a reason not to want cheating, but this type of spoofing has nothing to do with other players.

The only thing that affects other players is the alterations to MODs in the Battle Arena. The design to dominate at all costs is the real issue here, not a location MOD for people unable to get out.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, but there are tons of people who ruin the game’s concept and misuse these MODs for just the same reason you are expressing.

Cheating is cheating, but is cheating always just cheating. I have taken quite a few years at comprehending that not everything is just black and white, right or wrong. It is in between. Right and wrong works with basics on every scale, but it does not help with in-depth questions, behaviors, attitudes, issues, or anything that requires extensive thought.

For Example;

One person raises their voice at someone.

These are questions that would arise from that one sentence.
Are they shouting?
Are they angry?
Are they scolding?
Are they excited?

This is not right or wrong. It is just a raised voice for many different reasons.

Would you want someone to yell at you because your view shows less of an understanding to those who wish to play but are less fortunate than you?

Yes,yes, yes he’s cheating the locator for the game; therefore, he is a cheater and is using other game altering devises. He must be using the combatant MOD too. I bet he is cheating elsewhere.

I am sure he or she has their reasons to do what they are; however, I would say let Ludia decide what to deal with and what not to deal with. After all it is their game and their design style. If players wish to quit because of certain unfairness and specific types of issues addressing problems, then that is their right, as it is that person’s right to do what they feel works for them.

I don’t agree with the decision to use the location spoof, but as long as it helps him play the game, then more power to him.


wow… now there is an articulated level headed response to a game. Kudos


Articulated, yes. Level headed, maybe. But it’s still a spoofer apologist post. There is absolutely no reason you should believe these people who get on the forums to post at great length and in ever-increasing amounts of detail (sometimes way more than necessary. I showed this thread to a disabled friend who doesn’t play JWA, and she told me that maybe 95% of the posts are from people who have no disability, they’re just milking this for all it’s worth), and these people should all roast in the fires of hell for it (word is that Satan’s set aside a really nice party room for them in the 7th circle).

There’s no reason any spoofer should be apologized for. Just because you forgot that this is the internet - a magical place where nothing is real -and didn’t turn off your empathy when you came in is no reason for subjecting us to your apologist ideas, and believe me, we’ve pretty much all heard the same stuff you just said from others. It doesn’t change our minds about cheaters or spoofers one tiny jot. They’re all scum, and they deserve what they get. They also deserve a lot worse for mocking the people out there with actual disabilities.

Like i said before - being incredibly fat and lazy is not a disability. It’s born of total idiocy. These people can walk (or they could, if they hadn’t gained 2-400 extra pounds of blubber by sitting on their couch and eating literal buckets of fried chicken, 4 2-liter bottles of soda, 4 boxes of pinwheel cookies, and 3 gallons of ice cream at a sitting.), they just don’t want to walk because “walking is too much work, and i hate working for anything”.

Too bad. For those out there who are genuinely disabled to the point where movement is impossible, i’m sorry but JWA is not designed for you. It’s horrible, but that’s life. If you can’t walk or move around (bed-ridden), then you need a game that doesn’t require movement.

For those of you with genuine disability (the ones who haven’t complained, because they can get around using some sort of method - the real ones, in other words) who try their hardest to play in the face of adversity, i say good on you!

For all the others (see my earlier posts here)… get out of our game. Get out now. Don’t stop to look back, don’t keep trying to pretend you’re disabled because you’re only digging yourself a deeper grave by doing so.


I’m poor, I can’t afford to buy clothes. Is it ok that I go and steal some?



In answer to the question “Cheating is cheating, but is cheating always just cheating.”…

Um… Yes. Always. no exceptions.

Another thing that always gets mentioned in any apologist post - " I have taken quite a few years at comprehending that not everything is just black and white, right or wrong. It is in between. Right and wrong works with basics on every scale, but it does not help with in-depth questions, behaviors, attitudes, issues, or anything that requires extensive thought."

Okay… but we’re not in the real world here on the internet. Real world rules don’t apply. You should have known that from day one.


Why are people replying with books! TL/DR :joy::joy:!

Dalek you are the chief novelist of the forum :joy::joy::joy: