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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


I have to get my thoughts out and state my opinions in a way that doesn’t make my posts seem like they were written by a 3rd grader with ADD who’s run out of ritalin.

Since when is that thoughtcrime, @Rolybert?


Another thing from @Suffalufasaurus’ earlier apologist rant:

" The only thing that affects other players is the alterations to MODs in the Battle Arena. The design to dominate at all costs is the real issue here, not a location MOD for people unable to get out."

Nope. JWA has more issues than these that currently plague its players. More bugs than a bait store. And MODs are designed for one reason and one reason alone. Cheating. The internet isn’t as altruistic as you would believe. If you believe that these things were created only for the purpose of aiding the disabled, then you’re more naïve than I thought.

The creators of these MODs are only interested in giving the overprivileged and the insufferably lazy a means to ruin any number of games, which is the main reason many companies run background programs to detect these MODs and offline the cheaters. Steam does this, Blizzard does this, so does Epic. It’s not a new concept. It’s not currently possible to do this in JWA, because if they silently ran an app to shut down and boot cheaters on detection, Google Play and Apple Store would pull JWA from their services (they have a TOS with them, just the same as we have a TOS with Ludia).

Right and wrong on the internet has no grey area. Take a good look around, and not on social media, either. It’s the wild west out there.


It was a freekin joke! 20 hahaha


I know! 202020202020


Well yes and no. You take the time to read and reply. You leave the message and expected good or bad to be the response. I would say you did good to speculate the situation.

The problem still remains in your skepticism. You are taking a view and looking at an author with questioning behavior. Understandable. Just don’t think too far into it otherwise we are all lost.



Social Media. Interesting. I would say the choice differential, but that is a whole different type of conversation.

The major issues constantly brought up have been over the battle arena cheaters, location spoofing, excessive glitches, error protocols during loading, and connection to server issues.

Yes, cheater ruin a perfectly good game with players, money can get in the way of having fun, OCD competition completions can get extremely expensive for those with little funds, but the overall game idea seems quite sound.

The more inout you put into the game, then the mo re e output you will get back from the game to focus on improvements.


Cheating is cheating.

What is the cost if you go out of your way to force others to do what you think is right?

Does everyone have to play by your rules when you say so, because you are right?

Your attitude is wrong because I tell you so. Does that make me right?

Issues, problems, errors, not listening, etcetera…

Everyone seems to step away from what really started the direction here. This person used a program, that you can buy, to place your GPS location into multiple places at the same time.

That person made a decision to help themselves be better at mobility the game requires. Ok, so they cheated. They posted the message to tell others why they did it. I would highly doubt they really wanted other opinions about their decision.

Now, that person cheats so they can play. I would summize the problem is not anyone else’s until Ludia decides to spike it. Then they will have to accept it. Pokemon Go sends out spikes every-so-often to clear the spoofing. It just is a matter of time before it happens here too.


Bit crabby mate?


Never found it to be fun if you know you’re going to win every time. I once quit a hockey team because we went undefeated for 4 straight seasons. I don’t get the joy one gets out of cheating. Their is no sense of accomplishment. Do they really feel like a champ if they win because they unplug their opponents controller?


It’s partly from a sense of entitlement, like they think the game owes them something for nothing. It’s that common attitude they all have: " I want it all - and I want it NOW." It’s that kind of attitude that made me want to throttle the little annoying kid in the first Jurassic World. “I don’t wanna wait…”

They have no one to blame but themselves when they get banned and exiled to the cheat server with all the other losers.


Wining is wining and losing is losing. But the gam3 is a game and setting up people to enjoy the game and have fun is ok; even if, you disagree with the decisions that are made.

Players will make decisions to do things for themselves or for others. Either way, the fault to game and have still remains. Some players will cheat and some players will quit. When Ludia decides to drop a spike against the cheaters, then they will.

However, the mass of competition is set to averages in every context. Some have higher averages and are better players than others, but that does not mean they need to be unsportmen about it.

Competiting with players from ranks 500 or higher above your ranking would b3 less than fair. That does not show competition, it shows superiority. Thus, the context to alter the game parameters to play the player, not the cheaters and expremely high tanking differences. Thats 2 to 5 levels difference in dinos.


I love how all these news topics turn into massive arguements every single time. You all seriously need to stop arguing so much.


Just curious how it could be possible at all? :thinking:


Hey siberiaman, if you force close and relaunch the game, it should bring you back into the battle. However, could you email the screenshot along with your support key to our team here at so they can take a closer look?


Hi Ned, I’ve relaunched the game twice during this battle because of other “standard” glitches what happens sometimes, but I was surprised to get this final state. I’ll fill the report later today.


Its the game that isn’t maintained and full of players that hack I fought a team nitty 2 stegocera on team this been going on since day 1 many reports nothing done by ludia just play without spending the only way to actually have fun and not care that the thousands you spend is being wasted most likely on something similar to a drug addiction not game maintenance


Not really. I play free too and im doing fine


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I’ve cancelled my VIP, just as they actually made it worth it.

I refuse to give another cent of my money to them until this changes.


I agree, but your threat sounds a lot like “If she keeps it up I just might tell her so” from The Offspring’s “Self Esteem”.

Might need to take more serious measures like refunding what you’ve spent. In your case they might notice.