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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


yup me too. i still have VIP, but the days of buying anything else are over until the legit players mean more to ludia than the cheaters. apparently the only way to show them is for all of us to stop.

So please everyone do :pray: remember whatever you spend money on is only going to get nerfed in 1.7 anyways (due to a “gross miscalculation” that was allowed to continue for months :joy: ). Let’s see if they think their game can be sustained only by cheaters.


Ludia has screens of real proof that players or the whole alliance cheat and they litteraly ignore this. Screens where these players share coordinates
of epic dinos. Moreover, they delete these posts from forum, refusing even the fact that they saw it.

I just saw these screens and that’s shocking. These players sit at their sofas, catch epics every 5 minutes, take high positions in tournament and take our erli DNA.

They still in leaderboard thought Ludia promised to separate them from legit players. They take off your trophies, take your reward you can get at tournament and Ludia ignores this even when they have proofs.

Such a shame!


keep in mind that to us, they are cheaters, but to ludia, they are paying customers.


So were many legit players.


But are they really? I doubt it. They probably use bots to spin supply drops for them and don’t spend a dime on coins like legit players have to. Never mind the ill-gotten tournament rewards they can spend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This! They probably don’t spend a penny. They’re just cheaters…


They have software that auto spins all stops in range, grant vip status (hence all the non vip top players with lvl 30 teams) and guarantee 100 every fuse, just to name some examples.


Why would they spend real cash?
Auto collect supply drops all day, reach the limits daily.


This makes me sick :rage:


As it should…
Now the only question is why it doesnt bother Ludia.
They neither get money from them and less from the rest of us now


And keeping in mind that there were 36 hours of no limit coins, they are so reach that they don’t have to spend cash.

Anyway, even if they donate, it’s not the excuse to keep them in leaderboard and allow to fight against legit players. If Ludia wants their money, let them fight only against each other.


They are too cheap to allocate resources to combat it.

Think about it. It’s all about the cash grab. They don’t see they are stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime.


That was supposed to be the case, especially during tournaments (and was for a while when we saw unranked players with high trophy counts).

What happened?!



The playerbase dropped into significant enough numbers they had to shrink the leaderboard to keep people playing against each other. That was my warning as far as how healthy this games player base was… i described it back then as a mmo merging servers. A good indication a game is losing players.

Add in the fact that they as a company have started to not enforce their own rules in regards to spoofers.

And they continue to try to increase the amount we as players spend by continuing to lock vital building block dinos into an over diluted park spawn system. The current park spawn mechanics are an attempt to get us to spend more on scents. As the spawn tables are so dilluted its the only way to really get what you want out of parks


Everyone I know has stopped spending anything, except maybe VIP. And I have a week to decide if I drop that as well.


Idk, Galaxy gamer data shows the player base increasing in the last week… and why add [cheating] players to the leaderboard when there are lots of legit ones who would love to (and deserve to) be there and play against other legit players?



Thats the same temporary increase that happens after every major update… along with most big events…

It hasnt even climbed up to the 57k that it hit during the christmas event nor 60k it was at 3 months ago. If anything it has stabilized at slightly above 50k. 50k on the galaxy platform is a low population. Its one of the smallest populations of all games on my device currently and i have 3 games installed that have polulations in the millions.

If you saw the pictures that were posted at the beginning of the week there was a screenshot of a spoofer stating he just purchased a million coins to level up his spoofed dinos… Ludia clearly made the choice here not to canabilize people giving them money.



What makes you think they make money from them if they can play god-mode?


Because @TheMaxx clearly posted a screen shot of one of them saying they had just bought 1 million coins at the beginning of the week.

Also you cant hack coins regardless of what an app says… coins are kept server side. So in order for previous flagged people to have fresh accounts with level 30 erlidoms. Coins had to have been bought… that alliance we all love made fresh accounts after 1.5 and had level 30 erlidoms with level 22 stegos… coins limits alone would prevent such accounts from leveling so fast.