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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheater Protocol & Tournaments


Kind of. But imagine if your game played for you 24/7 collecting supply drops and DNA without human intervention.
Maxed out coins and cash every day.

It builds up.

Especially having max/fantastic teams that were quickly built with little human interaction, then using those teams to win prizes in tournaments and events, that cash and coins builds quickly as well.


While i agree with that, samsung is still the top manufacturer world wide so its a decent way to look at what is obviously a bigger picture. I mean Jurassic World The Game has over 80k users…


That doesn’t mean he bought the coins with $, £, ¥, or € - much more likely “purchased” them with hacked coins.


Maxed out coins and cash for a L20 player is only about 25K coins and $40. it really doesn’t build up too quickly…


Yeah, well…I tried.


Again coins are kept server side and are much more difficult for an app to hack and much easier for ludia to detect… these people are spending real money and ludia is allowing them to because of it.

If you really think Ludia would be letting people hack their servers which is way more difficult then modifying the apk… look at how quickly they fix unlimited spins.


If you can’t beat them, join them.

EBay ftw.


Except the 1.5 days without any limit.

If I can max coins manually in 20 minutes of driving, imagine the cash ánd coins they got from it…


it takes just under 9 million coins to field a full deck of 30’ed uniques…


Hackers always find a way :rage:


Honestly everything Ive seen from Ludia leads me to believe these are in fact paying customers… they are nothing if not money oriented in the development patterns and such.

Those accounts that popped onto the leaderboard after 1.5… the tainted ones atleast… are recieving in game rewards worth a decent chunk of cash. I dont believe Ludia would be turning a blind eye if they were not spending a decent chunk of change. And i dont think they earned enough in those 1.5 days to field a team of full uniques… those were not boosted supply drops.


i dont even get it. like this is not and will never be an e-sport, there’s no status associated with ranking super high and the rewards they get they can’t even use cuz they have everything maxed out. yet they still cheat…



then there’s ludia watching the people watching the world burn :eye: :eye:


what would we do without them? :joy: :man_shrugging:


From your screenshots, no matter what he did, he would lose. I assume he just wanted to troll.

Also, it is very unlikely he didnt know distraction doesn’t work on immure creatures after several battles.


actually it happens all the time.
they would have killed my tryox if they attacked.


I believe that cheating should not be allowed. But i do feel for you if what you are saying is true. I hope and pray that things get easier for your nephew and i hope his love of dinos never dulls. I pray his health improves


forgot to take screens, but someone in sorna had a l18 paramoloch which then instant charged my indom 3 times in a row today, lol


So what? There were past events enabling us to dart para and its component dinos. Dont just call out others cheaters only because you lost the battle.

Also I’m not a fan of cheaters either but recently I kinda notice more and more ppl just call others cheaters whenever they feel like it. That’s so wrong too!


Don’t think you read that right.