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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheaters Protocol Update (Nov 15, 2019)

Hello fellow DPG members,

We take all aspects of Jurassic World Alive seriously, including the competitive gameplay. We are constantly working to improve the system, so that everyone can have an enjoyable time. To reinforce fair play, we have been continuously investigating how to detect and prevent cheating. Today, we are happy to share that we implemented a new solution that will aid us in identifying cheaters better. This is another step towards a fairer and more positive experience for our Community.

With this new system in place, we are taking actions against new types of cheaters who are not respecting our Fair Play and Community Guidelines.

We know that the vast majority of the DPG members want this change, and we are happy to implement it.

The Jurassic World Alive Team


This made me laugh immediately. You talk about competitive gameplay yet keep running country and city exclusive events.


If we’re not allowed to post about religion, how will the cults of Lord Lythronax and Christmas Chicken spread the word though?


Let me guess… “cheaters” that spend a lot of money won’t be touched.


Any measures to tackle cheating are to be applauded :clap:

I am sure this is welcome news to the rest of ApexPredators and all honourable alliances.

@GPx A million coins or a handful of chances at a creature is a drop in the ocean compared to someone who can farm scores of turtles and other creatures all day with perfect darting.


Does this mean individuals who used not one, but two kalenkens during tournament play are cheating? I thought we got rid of most the cheaters way long ago. I was literally just about to defeat one when the other showed up. I also think the Utah raptor they swapped out had some damage before they did and came back fully with charged health (though it may not have, I can’t recall correctly, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions)

I understand that but how can anyone say they take competitive gameplay seriously and then run country exclusive events? That almost an oxymoron if i’ve ever heard one.

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I wish they would do more - its a nice feature but they do need to spread them more evenly.

Doesn’t PoGo do this a lot in a way? They sell “stops” or something to businesses so people get drawn to specific shops or whatnot. If those shops are more present in certain countries, that would lead to an unfair advantage too. If it’s no problem there, why should it be here? Does the game have to remain so equal for everyone? It’s not anyway. Some areas are more dense than others. Some have less parks. Etc.


Are you absolutely positive those were 2 Kelenkens, and not 1 Kelenken and 1 Phorusrhacos?

PoGo does events that are exclusive every now and then, that much is true. These events sometimes offer shiny exclusives, and more spawns of rare Pokémon.
But what they don’t do is give players a massive advantage by doing these events.

As I’m sure most are aware, PoGo doesn’t have a very good battling system. Hence the gap in the market that Ludia and Universal filled with this game.

If a game is very much battle focussed like this one is, having these exclusives which offer useful dna, coins etc it puts those players who are geographically unable to benefit at a distinct disadvantage.

I haven’t seen a single exclusive event in the UK since the game launched. The current one is an Asia exclusive, we’ve had Universal Studio exclusives and of course a fair few Canadian exclusives.

So there is quite a difference between PoGo and this game regarding the exclusive events.


Always appreciate you cleaning up the scum, thanks :pray:t2:
Honestly didn’t know it had become that bad again, that there needed to be an announcement about it.
Is it THAT alliance again??

Ya I am in one Asian country and never have any events whatsoever so cannot create some hybrids just because those creature doesn’t spawn in wild

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Great way to start your new job E.D. Thanks.


Oh, new types of cheaters, I’m curious now. I am always surprised to find out the different methods people use to cheat. Best of luck with your new new solution.

I got curious after reading this and did a little research. Guess what? The worst type of cheating can cause Ludia to lose $$$. How much do you want to bet that’s the reason for the new crackdown? :wink:

Alliance chat is still broken, the map still occasionally loads blank, and now we have dinos that spawn on top of sanctuaries and can’t be darted. Of course these bugs aren’t fixed yet because they probably don’t cause big L to lose as much money as somebody who can get perfect darting all the time.


If this is true, then I guess JWA is heading in the right direction! Hoping to see some results soon!


Do some of you guys really have to come in here and start bashing nonsense? 1.10 was a step in the right direction. Now with this new system being implemented. If it’s TRUE its yet, another step in the right direction. Instead of being toxic towards ludia about this. How about you all applaud them for actually trying to do the right thing. It’s been awhile since theyve taken forward steps. And now theyve done a few. So stop the toxicity and start showing support.

Thanks ludia for doing this :slight_smile:


I’ll thank Ludia when I see proof things have been done, not just because the CM says something on the forum.


Ludiots You talk about competitive gameplay ha? Meamwhile RATs,preoceRATs,indo g2 and freking boosted Thors stay untouched and broken for months
Good work your guys should be proud of themselvs for have such a perfect balanced game