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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheaters Protocol Update (Nov 15, 2019)

@E.D thank you for sharing this. Obviously it’s only one of many things to improve but at least it’s one, it’s communicated and shows you’re continuing to improve the game.

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Dont forget The children of Lydionia, they will get back all maxxed boosts even if they need to sacrfice every last credit card and living Monomimus on earth lol.

It is nice to hear you are adding new ways od detection though, but while your on it you might wanna take care of the other rodent issue.


Every time someone calls Ludia “Lydia”, makes me wonder if they mean this Lydia:


There is only ONE true Lydia…

One Lydia to rule them all, One Lydia to find them,
One Lydia to bring them all, and in the darkness nerf them


It can make sense =D

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So all except the ones that spend money in order to spoof their way to the top apparently get amnesty. Clearly there a lot of whales that cheat

@Stiffeno, if “Lydia” is unintentional, try these settings :wink: One of the first things I do after buying a new device is to turn off autocorrect and any other auto typing stuff.

Oh, I cann’t take this one seriosly :rofl:
Mostly it’s problem of the matchmaking.
How can I fight 27 level fully (or almost fully) boosted Thor with my 19-21 level nonboosted or boosted poorly creatures ?
What kind of competion is that ? Maybe I just don’t understand something :smiley:

If I really have to be serious, then I hope we get more balanced matchmaking, more bugs being fixed and some creature balancing in the next update.
Fighting with cheaters is reather good thing also


Thanks for the tip lol, but Lydia and Ludia are the same thing now haha! They are interchangable :slight_smile:

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LOL! Actually, shut up for a second! :rofl: I factory reset my phone yesterday and forgot to turn on spell check. That actually is useful because it just suggests corrections instead of forcing them.

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Lydia is like our secret mistress, we spend as much time as possible with her, while not letting others know, and we are always spending tons of money on her haha!

Edit: Shut up for a second? Ahhh im glad you asked mate =D


I just want to offer a little advice to Ludia when it comes to announcements like this. They may or may not do this already… But please implement stuff like this in the game at least a week or two before announcing it. When cheaters hear something like this, they will lay low immediately and slowly get back to their usual nonsense. It’s best to let them play freely for a week or two so you can snag them before they get the heads up and start hiding.


Balanced matchmaking has been tried since 1.7. What ended up happening was players with odd teams or non-meta losing streaks in the 1000s of.trophies because Thora lvl 30 is within 50 power points from TRex lvl 27 so considered equal. No 1 team is gonna be exactly a 100% match for another so there will be leeway. Say ± 50 power points or whatever arbitrary rating you wanna give. No matter how good or bad the algorithm is, it will give very bad matchups due to the assumptions of the programmers.

The best way is trophy based matchmaking so the reason for any match is trophy score ± 100 trophies. This stops losing streaks due to constant meeting of stronger opponents.

The “Exploiting bugs” part is my worry.
In a game that’s 90% bugged sometimes cheaty things just happen.
After a 17/26 bug I tried my trick of using my iphone to bypass it.
It logged into a guest account so I switched to my main and… I got an epic incubator for joining VIP… Which I have been in since beta. LOL
I really hope they fix the bugs instead of ban people before the bugs become a game play norm.
Like say… Force closing to redo a dino darting attempt.
Once a bug becomes a universally recognized feature it’s a problem.
If it’s 3rd party software and spoofing? I hope they go for the jugular.

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Back in the day someone from metahub told menthe force closing the app is an intended interaction as it also prevents someone from wasting an attempt do to connection issues.

Not disagreeing with you, just stating that example isnt a bug.

I’ll probably get banned for rerolling scent stuff after darting 1 critter, because sometimes something better spawns and I dart it too. But oh well. They blocked the scents from attracting park spawns for nothing.

Not even Lydia knows why Lydia does the things they do lol.

Also I dont know how park scents could be accidentally broken that way outside of deliberately doing it.

I kinda thought they done it to make turtle rare so they could sell turtle incubators…but then they made it the monthly and epic pursuit so…maybe I’m just pessimistic.

As they say “I wouldn’t have seen it, if I hadn’t believed it”…and no that wasnt a misquote in this case :wink:


I have the Playstation VR version of Skyrim but I didn’t marry Lydia. I went for Aela the Huntress.


I cann’t wish for a better example of fair matchmaking.
I have boosts on Erlidom (2/2/2), Phorusaura (2/2/2) and Rat (2/2/2). Hightest level in my team is Indo 22, lowest Phorusaura 19. His team on this match was Tor, Erlidom, Diora and Purutaurus. My trophy count 4887 highest 4879 curent. His trophy count is 5000.
If someone thinking we have even chances with him, i have a bad news for him =D
Even with all my luck (and probably some yielding from the opponent side) it was 2/3 lost for me.

Trophies make it such that you cannot argue that the person shouldnt be matched with you.

Would you be happier if you got constantly matched with players with lvl 22 to.lvl 23 average dinos? Loss after loss. No way of winning because that is what your team level is. Its pegged at that level. The opponents change but the power of their team is always higher than yours because the system has pegged you at that level.

That is what happened in 1.7. I dropped from 5.6k trophies to 4.1k trophies. Matched with top 100 players all the way until a few luck battles of RNG. Changed 1 thing in my team to nerf it, suddenly I started to win again.

Had an alliance member quit because his purebred team kept being paired with same level but highet boosted uniques.

I dun trust Ludia to do an algorithm that will make team.power as a basis for matchmaking work without creating islands of leagues.

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