[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheaters & Tournament Play


Hello fellow DPG members,
We would like to take a moment to address the white Woolly Mammoth in the forum - Tournaments. We have heard you and are fully aware that the roll-out of this new feature did not go as smoothly as we would have liked. Please read below and comment with feedback.

Thank you,
Your JWA Team

What went wrong?
Despite removing cheaters from the Leaderboard, players are still being matched up against them in impossible battles, making PvP difficult to enjoy.

How are we going to fix it?
We are looking into creating a PvP exclusively for flagged cheaters. This means that flagged cheaters will not only be excluded from the Leaderboard, but also from playing against non-cheaters.

How are we going to prevent this from recurring?
We believe the above solution will resolve the most significant issues currently affecting Seasonal Tournaments and PvP play. However, we are also working on designing future Tournaments (2.0) based on your feedback and our learnings.

What is Tournaments 2.0?
The next iteration of the Tournament feature will allow for better communication, facilitate matchmaking, and have much greater flexibility for future developments.

For more information on Cheating & Consequences, please see here:

So top 10 players cheaters? Oh and made into the 1% of the world now
Ver.1.4 is upcoming!
Will the cheaters in the top 500 be banned from playing in future tournaments

This is great news. Thanks for listening to our feedback.


How does this help the people who have suffered defeats and lost trophies in this tournament… that could be the difference between a prize and no prize


Great question. I and many others should have just taken a break from the arena the first few days the tournament rolled out. Would have saved a lot of trouble and a lot of lost trophies.


DarthOnaga approves this message. Can’t wait for the next tournament. I might place Top 500 now…


Ludias working on improvements. I guess you take the good with the bad. The fact we get epic strike events and other things shows that they are helping us to progress but not too fast we get bored


I am looking forward to more improvements here. I am tired of getting smoked by level 11 people with Indo, and every other dino they have at 20+ Why are cheaters allowed to stay on the game at all? Cheat should equal ban no?


That would be absolutely ideal. Thanks for letting us know and we hope it all goes to plan! :v:️


This sounds good.

Put the wooly mammoth in its own room. Best solution.


Does this mean the cheaters are being removed currently so the last few days of Tournament 1 is cheater free? OR At least loosing to a cheater will not result in loss of trophies (for now)?

This is definitely great news for future tournament. Just wanted to check how current tournament would proceed.


Great news on the fix!

One more suggestion, is it also possible to add some cash and coin rewards for players who reached arena 8 and lower arenas? I know it won’t be much, but it makes people that are not there yet feel more worthy at grinding trophies.


Oh wow. Ludia, impressive work! Very excited to see this implemented!!


So can we get back all the trophies we lost to the flagged cheaters, I’m sure it would be hundreds of trophies for some of us and really help out people. Could mean a prize for more people if it gets them over the 4000 mark and that would really help your players confidence in your abilities.

Oh yes are they gone as of now???

With a few days left to go that would be the best news ever!!!


My personal experience has been not getting paired with any spoofers for the past couple of days. Fingers crossed of course. I don’t think they really need to do anything to “make it right” in terms of the spoofers getting to grief this tournament round… all roll out contents have issues. I’m just glad that 2.0 will be different. Should be interesting at least to see how it goes


Well I played 1 this morning for sure they are in my recent list so I knew they were still around for sure just want to know if they are officially gone as of now.


Gotcha, obviously my experience is anecdotal but since I’m ranked in top 100 all my opponents should have a rank and have. Hopefully it’s not just luck keeping them from pairing with me


I’m in the top 100 as well think at 51 currently so it is dumb luck you have not faced any. The other day 2/3 of the players I faced were flagged as cheaters and I’m sure I would be higher in rank not going through the slaughterhouse as I was punished by them.

I think Ludia should just give every non-cheater a premium incubator for the pain we have all suffered from this mess. Not to change the rest of the prizes just the incubator and even for those who did not make the 4000 mark as this has been a very rough road to go down and it would help them save face now instead of making us all wait till next time.


A little late I find … after a fight on an indominus rex or I hit twice without him a single point of damage, where he in one shot makes me 5285 damage on a dino at 3500!
Since Ludia did not want to bring me any compensation, I decided to leave this world of cheats that whatever he does will always be present !!
Only solution of battle arenas with category points …
ex: 1000 to 2000 cat 1 … 3000 to 4000. cat 3 … 4000 to 5000 cat 4 … more than 5000 …
Reward for each category!
Un peu tard je trouve…après un combat sur un indominus rex ou je frappe deux fois sans lui faire un seul point de dégât, là ou lui en un seul coup me fait 5285 point de dégâts sur un dino à 3500 !!
Puisque Ludia n’a rien voulu m’apporter comme dédommagement, j’ai décidé de quitter ce monde de tricheurs qui quoi qu’il fasse seront toujours présent !!
Seule solution des arènes de combats avec des points de catégorie…
ex : 1000 à 2000 cat 1 …3000 à 4000. cat 3… 4000 à 5000 cat 4… plus de 5000…
Récompense poour chaque catégorie !


Now is your chance to make up the trophies lost to cheaters. There’s still time left before the tournament ends. It doesn’t matter how many we lost because you’ll move to the spot you belong with only legit players playing. Thank you for taking action and making it fair for the legit players, Ludia.


Nice joke max, all that’s been happening is lose lose. Ludia owes everyone free rewards that didn’t cheat.