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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences

With the help of our community, we want to continue building and expanding our game in a fun and fair environment. Here are some guidelines:

Types of cheating

  • Faking your location using apps or hacks (“Spoofing”) is considered cheating. We want you to go out and explore; not spoof to get a high score.
  • Exploiting bugs is considered cheating too; help us make a great game and report bugs.
  • Using 3rd party software and bots is cheating.
  • Hacking the game is cheating.


  • Warnings
  • Removal from the Leaderboard
  • Loss of game support
  • Temporary bans
  • Permanent bans

Note that repeat offenders will be handled with increasing severity.

Remember that you can help by reporting players who aren’t following the guidelines.


How about some resets?

Can someone from Ludia please explain why it’s fair they can keep crazy leveled dinos when they get caught cheating?

Why did the self-reporting cheaters get reset to 0 when these people just got temporary bans but got to keep everything their money bought, the dinos and dna they got in Paris while sitting on their behinds in America? What a joke. Back to Pogo!


+1 what the point of temporal bans, they still having that trykosaurus, elridominus, diorajasaurus etc at 28+ and making me salty whit my poor dinos getting oneshoted unfairly


A reset and a friendly letter to their in game mailbox notifying them that they’ve been caught cheating seem much more appropriate.
Not sure what 'Loss of game support" means? Are some people getting support?

I would expect perhaps a 3 day ban for the first offence. A reset of all dino DNA, coins and level, other than paid incubators for the second.

As they say in baseball, on strike 3, you’re out, permanent ban. Cheaters can always create a new account instead of perpetually benefiting from leniency and given time to find new hacks and cheats.


Is there an invincibility hack going on in the battles?


I agree on the point that the ban should be longer (first warning) so they miss out the current events and further infractions should lead to more severe/permanent bans.

But what about the current tournament Season 1?? Would the cheaters (with 24h ban) be participating in this tournament? I wish the tournament took place in a separate group where the cheaters are not allowed (at least till a minimum period), while they can continue to play single player game/usual battles (I think they can still battle as of now).


I have to agree with the above. How completely disappointing. I was waiting until the company made a statement before going off about it like others on the forum but I am sad to learn they were right.

I just canceled my VIP and won’t be buying anything else until the people that have been cheating for 2 +months have their dinos bounced back.

You are sending bad message to those of us that played faithfully and gave you our money. I battle dinos in the Marshes who take my dinos out with ridiculous numbers. How do some have full teams of Legendaries and Uniques over level 22? Some closer to 30!

They did not get those dinos legitimately and your response was to stick them in a corner like a child for a small timeout… You do not know how to treat your loyal, rule following customers well. I want to play the game the way it’s built to be played. I LOVE A/R. But this game, no not for me. No fun.

I will come back when resets are made and permanent bans across boards for those who continue to do this. You promise beginning of August a cheater free game, they are still here and get to keep dinos I’d kill to have, but respectively follow the rules and achieve them the way you want us to.



To my knowledge, there are no battle arena hacks. You may want to create a new thread describing why you think someone was hacking in a battle and perhaps others can enlighten you or validate your claim.

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For the first time I’m actually sad to hear someone is going to leave the game. I hope Ludia remedies the cheating in this game or the player base is going to dwindle quickly.


Tournament details sound like a lot of fun. But we do need a bit more clarification on what is happening in regards to spoofers. As above the measures taken seem incredibly light handed when in reality those that self reported have been punished the most.

I do feel there’s further to come but it would be very useful if you could let us know.


Truth is I looked to them to take care of it. I was over the moon when they said they were actually doing something. Dinosaurs are my favorite and I am out often at parks with my kids, we have fun together. But I notice the battles make it no fun.

Like a bad diet you hit a plateau! Once you hit around 3,000 to maybe, 3,600 trophies, it becomes impossible to advance. I have been around this area for 3 weeks. I understand it is because I needed to evolve my team. 3 weeks in (since hitting 3,350), I have bought their special offers, done all events, all strikes, all parks. I have finally happily gotten 4 legendaries that are so fun! But they mean nothing, I cannot move. As soon as I hit progress I run into people with teams I cannot beat despite hard work. You can tell when it is too soon for anyone to have a team of 8 legends and Uniques almost at level 30.

I’ve told friends to play it (who I will now tell it belongs to cheaters), I’ve given it 5 star review and don’t mind my disposable income going to something I enjoy.

But how can anyone that plays fairly pretend it’s enjoyable knowing we will never advance or be rewarded or make progress above others through our playing fairly while they get over 1,000 rex dna a day while I fight to get 50 in a week for my Indominus?

How can Ludia not see how discouraging this is? I’m just disappointed, but will come back if they address and remedy this.


It’s going to be weird being beaten by a player with enough trophies to get on the leaderboard but isn’t. Like we will know they are cheats but they still get to stomp on us.

Why do we have to entertain known cheats and lose points and time. Its much worse than the bots.


I hate losing trophies to cheaters, I love my team so much cause I earned them :disappointed_relieved:

Even give them names and beaten by cheaters who just punch in coordinates for their team is insulting.

Oh gosh I just realized that the honest cheaters that self-reported started over fairly got screwed.

THAT IS CRAZY. :unamused:


According to the Facebook spoofing group for this game (yes, they add just anyone, I lurk there), quite a large amount of people that posted they’d been banned yesterday morning are back on the leaderboards and got their ranks back too.



It is crazy. Its like the world according to pro wrestling.

Like Mr Ms cheater comes and wins illegally. Everyone screenshot the player knowing they have enough trophies to be ranked but are not due to cheating. That’s the proof. So everyone boos and gets animated.

RNG cheater match up they just going to grief everyone. It’s like thieves officially get patoled but must have a bag with the word swag on and wear a mask. Too funny. :joy:

Ludia won’t listen… they ban cheats for 1 day and hope they come back and spend money…
It’s all ludia are interested in.

The game had so much promise, but the lure of money cast a big shadow…
So cheats get to keep their level 30 dinos… seems very fair… pathetic

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So if you handed yourself In, you lose everything forever…

Whereas if you didn’t admit to cheating, you lose it for 24 hours?

Am I getting that right ?


Yes. They got to keep all the dinos they got by cheating. They cannot be ranked (though it appears some still are actually) or participate in the tournament. That is not what we want to see. They should have to get dinos the right way.