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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


I get them fairly regularly… haha, and I do appreciate the clarifications.

We have a tendency to misdirect our frustrations at the mods, when they’re just doing their jobs.
They’ve got to do right by their contracts with Ludia as well.


I just wanted ludia to get the apk, no other method to get it there sadly…


Agreed. I have read posts on other forums about legit Pokemon GO players that were falsely reported for spoofing by salty players.


You ready to start your Ban Wave, Ludia? You’re now giving away valuable DNA to explicit cheaters, so thanks for screwing that up. An explicit cheater just made their way into the top 10 leaderboard. We have photographic evidence. But let me guess, “You’re working REEEALLLYYY hard to get them sorted out” right? I’m sure there’s “many actions being taken up” right? I’m getting disgusted by this company more & more by the day.


great job deleting the indisputable evidence of cheaters and taking no action whatsoever because they’re all still on the leader board. let’s us really know who’s side you’re on.

most games are quick to ban cheaters and act on it immediately because they’re smart enough to know that there are millions more legit players that will just stop spending money all together which is going to hurt way more than losing the cheaters.


also thanks for lying right to our faces before every tournament :+1:


Sometimes truth about non-flagged cheaters slips through the cracks in those announcements :rofl:


They didn’t say which leaderboard. “the Leaderboard” could mean anything.


Yep thats why its annoying to see players who got wrecked on the arena spam the report button non stop and cries in the forum on why his a cheater.

How to spot a cheater.

1.did he beat you in the arena ?

  1. Did he have better dinos than you?

  2. Did he have any uniqes?

If all of your answers is (yes)

Then. CONGRATULATIONS!! You can now spam the report button and cry on the corner.


That lvl 18 Dracocera though. :laughing:


if someone uses fake GPS has the account banned or does it take any warning or something?


According to the TOS, spoofing is a banable offense. Currently they do not appear to be enforcing it, in the face of overwhelming evidence.


I believe it’s not right for people to cheat. There’s tons of kids who love Jurassic movie saga an for Ludia to let cheaters hack and get it all an no consequences is wrong. I keep reading the comments. It doesn’t seem nothing is really being done. Also leader board seem like everyone is a hacker. All level 20 with the best dinosaurs between 25-30. Really.
I’ve been playing this game for like one month now. I love it especially because my son loves dinosaurs. Si it should be more everyone friendly game. Not just people who pay. An it’s not fair there even a way to hack and get away with it. So hard working players trying to earn the way up should have it easier if everyone is allowed to hack and get away with it. It just makes people not want to spend there money or even try hard at the game eventually having people not want to play. Plus the packages you sell in the game don’t really ever seem worth the money.
Other people will say it’s worth it but that people who don’t mind spending money like it grows on trees. It’s just seems to get in the high ranks or even evolve in this game you need real world money and hackers abilities to get all dinosaurs. Wish the makers could put thought into everyone who plays the game not just money spenders and hackers


I apologize but the Problem of reporting is that you feel like you are being harassed and accused bc they investigate you instead of just doing a couple of secret player (like secret shopper) games against the accused to see if anything funky happens while the game persists.


??? Don’t get you


There is my name and party as proof. I’m proud of the time I spent finding and leveling up my dinosaurs.

Luckily I have been playing this game more for the exploration aspect of it. I could care less of the tournaments. To be honest I have 8 or 9 epic dinosaurs I could use in my party yet I chose only one. The rest are rare dinosaurs when all my friends use all epic dinosaurs and I still win sometimes. It’s more about strategy and believing in your favorite dinosaurs makes it more satisfying than cheaters just winning for nothing. My trophy count is 584 btw after a few months of playing. I don’t want to move up in the ranks cause I know I will encounter cheaters. Plus the rare dinosaurs are so much better because they are more common than epics. I love rare dinos more than any other class of dinosaur.


My trex gen2 kills lvl 20 trexs easy.


Yeah i know right?! Trex gen2 is the best. I’m glad To have given my friends a hard time with my rare dinosaurs while they mostly chose using the epic dinosaurs they collect. I’m choosing to be fair and because rares are the best ones. :slight_smile:


Kool gen2 can kick its enemies butt with its attack , I mean wow, that attack is better than its epic form.


And sucator, it is a “I hit you twice, and me only gets hit once” , due to its lethal wound and instant distraction.