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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences



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to be fair, we’ve just been told there’s an investigation (which may or may not actually even happen), not that any action will be taken…

oh wait…

oh wait …it says can :man_facepalming:


while i’m sure that this is true, many of us here are stating valid concerns about the reactivity of this policy which seem to be falling upon deaf ears.

its all not very well and not particularly good that you have outsourced the policing of your game to us, the users, but compounding this oddity by dismissing actual proof of teams created overnight which are composed of component parts that legitimate players would require months to assemble is both bad form and bad for our continued business, as it shows us that you care less about our concerns than you do about the coins purchased by cheaters.

please consider a proactive approach to managing your game, or, if you have determined that your paying fanbase is more important than your playing one, please let us know, that we might find somewhere else to spend our time and money.


Sometimes its not possible to get their ID number since you can’t view their profile from the alliance list. The screenshots provide enough evidence to track them down without numbers. Its the best we could do with what we have to work with.


I have no easy solutions guys. I do hear you. I hear you every day. I have raised your concerns diligently within the purview of my role.

I do what I can with what I have, limited as it may be.


@J.C we don’t mean to shot the middle man here. But your support team is little help. I sent the an email recently about a team I battled I suspected of cheating. I included the full team name and number. Two days later I get a reply asking what time the battle was at??? How would I remember the exact time two days later after numerous battles in between. I don’t see why it would be relavent anyway. All they had to do was check the team but it seems like they always ask for more info so they don’t have to look into the matter.

That is why I posted earlier on the spoofer boards they post a problem and not only have a response, but a solution in 5 minutes. Here we send an email and wait for days. The spoofers will always be ahead of the game at that rate.


I know you guys aren’t mad at me specifically.

I also agree that the battle time would not have helped with that specific support ticket. That’s valid feedback I can pass onto the support team. Let’s see if we can make 100 small changes (metaphorically) together to get to the big change you guys want.


That is music to our ears. We want to be heard because we really enjoy this game but knowing good and well our time money and effort is washed down the drain by spoofers, makes us resent what we enjoy. Thanks @J.C


It’ll be music to my ears when I actually see some changes. I have stopped even saying anything here because these moderaters have no legitimate powers. It’s a complete waste of time.


i am mad at you specifically, @J.C

because, like, why doesn’t the C also have a period after it?



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