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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Actually, I won :smile: 100% legit! but ya, the cheaters weren’t too far behind…


Yes i fully agree.
I had reported “suspected” spoofer, but there is no reply what has been done.
So my guess is we can only “report”, and we will never know what action has been taken to these reported accounts.
Unless the support team can “encourage” and “motivate” the community with their actions and moves, all these complaints are pointless.


We can use the search alliance function to look up these accounts and see no action has been taken


Nope, there are still looking for their first win but it’s nowhere to be found :joy: it seems they can find anything they want in L5, except for the win :joy::rofl:

They won’t do anything, they didn’t do anything after first tournament when we were cheated out of trophies when the matchmaking was still allowed us to be matched against identified cheaters “oh look my level 20 einasuchus is going to have trouble against that level 27 erlidominus”
Each tournament I’m watching the same stealing rewards from other players…


So Ludia’s strategy against cheating is to hide behind someone who can’t really be blamed and let them take all the heat from the community? How about we get an explanation from someone who actually can, but still fails to do anything consequential?


Also, since you personally can’t ban cheaters, one thing you CAN do is give people their full hard-earned rewards that they were cheated out of. I’m not in this situation this tournament, but I have been before and was “politely” told by support I can screw myself.

Would kinda show you’re maybe actually on our side. Cause banning legit players from forums for politely pointing out inconsistencies in stories told by 1-hour-old troll pro-spoofer accounts certainly doesn’t.


I meant in general haha. You did win as #1, but spoofers won a whole lot more considering how many spots they took up from legit players in the ranks.


Too bad the developers aren’t as efficient at cleaning things up as the moderators are here.

Cheating wouldn’t be an issue.

I’m sorry, but anyone that finds the cheating and ignoring the cheating to be acceptable really needs a reality check.


They are like hanging you out to dry here. I know you know we’re not angry with you, but it’s still gotta hurt so I’m sorry about that. I enjoyed the Arena once, I’ve been playing since the beginning and I would like to be able to enjoy it again. I’ve already canceled my VIP because, what’s the point of having the extra range and building up your dinosaurs if spoofers will just come in and build a level 30 team in days to wipe people like me out. This isn’t just happening in the upper aviary.


Same here.
Canceled my VIP, was just going to re-up it because it’s now worth it because of the extra range.
But… knowing what I know about cheating and Ludia essentially endorsing it by inaction,

I refuse to give them another penny, I’ll quit before that happens unless they do something to stem the rise of cheaters.


You won this tournament as well? Congrats dude!!


Within 30 secs of searching what people use, I found this:
[link removed]

This comment will probably get deleted, and rightfully so, but I hope you guys @ludia ( @Ned @John ) might download this and see how it’s programmed to counter cheating like this.



How they could not detect anyone getting a perfect score every… single… time.


Oh, so they actually can edit out whatever is wrong with the comment instead of deleting it completely when they disagree with it. Good to know.


We can. We don’t often I’ll admit but we do ask OP to edit posts when possible first in all cases.


This one was definitely worth editing …
don’t want anyone to get any bad ideas :sweat_smile:

Though I’m sure OPs intention was just to show what’s out there.


We agreed, thus the quick edit


even if it hails from july of last year.


If you guys are talking about game gear or some other darting hacks, I have made several posts about these, dating back weeks, even months.

All went ignored, of course, save for Juliens usual memes poking fun at the name and relating it to an ancient handheld gaming device.

Even when we try to warn you guys we are ignored…

Also, if sending names and IDs is the only way to get through, whats to stop angry bitter people from reporting everyone that kicks their butt in arena who has dinos higher level then they do?

I bet your support is completely over run with false reports, (and real ones). Maybe hire some more folks?


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