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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


One may think it’s always possible unless the user is posting multiple senseless messages (spam/flood) or posting porn pics/advertisements or something, neither of which I’ve ever seen on these forums.

In every other case when someone takes the time to write something, it’s because they want to express their opinion, so to keep their post they’re likely to edit out whatever is breaking the rules (which isn’t always obvious and is rarely explained).


Which is why we msg people asking them to edit it telling them which rule we broke


Thanks for the clarification. I guess I must have missed those messages on multiple occasions.


I get them fairly regularly… haha, and I do appreciate the clarifications.

We have a tendency to misdirect our frustrations at the mods, when they’re just doing their jobs.
They’ve got to do right by their contracts with Ludia as well.


I just wanted ludia to get the apk, no other method to get it there sadly…


Agreed. I have read posts on other forums about legit Pokemon GO players that were falsely reported for spoofing by salty players.


You ready to start your Ban Wave, Ludia? You’re now giving away valuable DNA to explicit cheaters, so thanks for screwing that up. An explicit cheater just made their way into the top 10 leaderboard. We have photographic evidence. But let me guess, “You’re working REEEALLLYYY hard to get them sorted out” right? I’m sure there’s “many actions being taken up” right? I’m getting disgusted by this company more & more by the day.


great job deleting the indisputable evidence of cheaters and taking no action whatsoever because they’re all still on the leader board. let’s us really know who’s side you’re on.

most games are quick to ban cheaters and act on it immediately because they’re smart enough to know that there are millions more legit players that will just stop spending money all together which is going to hurt way more than losing the cheaters.


also thanks for lying right to our faces before every tournament :+1:


Sometimes truth about non-flagged cheaters slips through the cracks in those announcements :rofl:


They didn’t say which leaderboard. “the Leaderboard” could mean anything.