[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


So us ligit players can still face these cheats in battle… seems very fair to me ludia you money grabbing waste of space


No fair at all. I not only am quitting and cancelling VIP, I will be demanding a refund for all the money I have spent as Ludia will not live up to their end of the agreement. I suggest everyone do the same on the levels of demanding a refund. I have iPhone, I will go to Apple if Ludia refuses. They let people cheat, I want my money back. Nothing in agreement stipulates I agreed to a cheater rampant game.


I have to echo the disappointment in seeing the banned players return with their full team of 27-30 uniques after the temp ban. If anything, it has shown that the cheaters are undeterred by: warnings, loss of support, leaderboard reset and temp bans listed above. If anything, a few of them are already back at the top of the leaderboard.

If nothing will be done to the cheaters for loss of revenue, perhaps the honest players can get a buff (double damage/health) that would not change gameplay amongst the legit players, but limit the griefing when a player encounters a spoofer. As it stands, there is no motivation to battle at 5000 when rewards are meager, 75% of opponents spoof (the 5000 list dropped from 100 to 25 after the bans) and have teams of 27-30 uniques. If anything, I’m sure they enjoy knocking legit players off the top of the leaderboard.


If cheats can not be ranked from Tuesday eventually they will get bored. Its unfair when you matchmake them. I’d much prefer they couldn’t grief legits but I wouldn’t want to be them. The self reporters will use their coin and be contenders.

It’s a messy solution but I can live with it.


In the other game that I play, cheaters that hack the game get “sandboxed”. They keep their stuff, but everytime they join an event, they are in a group of 1 and do not effect the rankings of other players. In PVP, they only fight bots, and again get no rewards or ranking.

People end up just using those accounts to hack and test out new characters, while they play with their real accounts in a normal way.


Ludia is around answering other things on this forum, but refuse to address this. :triumph:


Gotta love Ludia. Temp banning the ppl that give them the majority of $$$. In the meantime… most of the leaderboard is made up of spoofers that survived the ban and metahub noobs that just exploit DNA and pretend its not an exploit.


They may not be “ranked” but we still are having to fight them. I just dropped from 4800 to 4600ish fighting literally spoofer after spoofer. I made sure to check their names and yep they have high trophies but no top 500 rank icon.

This is fun. This is fine


I have to wonder if after the trophies are reset, the cheaters will be in their own league where they don’t fight non-cheaters.


I gave today a try again to combat arena, and after get matched vs 27+ uniques multiples times, i recovered the 5k trophies and stop combat anymore, is not fun and there is no strategy in that and incubators rewards are useles i only need from they irritator dna who they rarely give to me.
Im ok whit cheats dont appear in leaderboard but they need to get matched only for 30 bots, cause perhaps they dont appear in leaderboard but make you lose trophies and down ranking fast and unfair


Shame on you, Ludia. This is a truly disappointing way of dealing with the matter, since you seem to prefer overfilling your pockets than supporting the actually community that’s been building around your greedy, buggy mess of a game. Your legit player base will find a better game to play, and hopefully you’ll end up with a community of cheaters that at some point will get bored of playing against each other and leave as well. This game is bound to fail. Congratulations on disregarding the most important part of any successful online game: the faithful, honest players that will stick no matter what as long as they have the support of the game makers.


That’s exactly what will happen. Legit players will get tired of it and leave, then the cheaters will get bored and leave. I guess the developers will make a bunch of money in a short period though.


For the first time since I joined this forum, I agree with the criticisms you face and don’t feel the need to defend you because this is pathetic. I’ve spent plenty of money since I started to play but I’m not spending money on your game again if you don’t solve this. In fact, I might do what someone else said and look for a refund. PayPal disputes can be filed for six months and that would get back everything I’ve spent. To anyone who truly thinks they’ll quit over the pathetic “consequences” cheaters are facing, I suggest you file PayPal disputes. As for me, I’m not sure if I’m quitting but I’m definitely not paying for anything from Ludia ever again. If I do quit, I’ll certainly be getting my money back.


I still don’t get the psychology behind cheating. What does one actually get out of maxing out a game via cheating?


At a guess.

It’s because they have an established community. Within their community its not cheating and the players doing well feel like they are winners by their “friends” rules.


Yeah, I suppose it’s a different kind of success. A short-term satisfaction in beating the duck outta others with little effort, but I’m assuming it gets boring very fast. It’s a way of speed running the game, I guess.


Yep, nearly there. I just lost three times in a row to “people” unranked but with enough trophies that they should be. My son just did twice.

We’ve both turned off VIP subscriptions and likely won’t play past the first tournament unless there is a real action taken to prevent these match ups.

I was on the leaderboard during the ban. Now I keep taking losses from accounts that shouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t mind as much if I didn’t need the incubators for exclusives, but this situation literally is allowing cheaters to keep all of us from playing at full potential.


I just noticed an opponent from earlier today I beat easily. Has gained 250 trophies since. Should be around rank 360 but not ranked.

Always assumed I haven’t played a cheater. Well clearly I have.


Im not having a lot fun cause i dont combat anymore and the spawns are so bad


They’ve ruined the game unfortunately. Was bad before but it’s considerably worse now. You should have just let them spoof on. Was no point in taking these measures, it’s bound to have cost you time and money and has achieved nothing.

It was frustrating initially but after spoofer battle after battle since you “banned” them it’s actually just a bit funny.

I’ve put a lot of hours into this game and was planning to put many more in but honestly, is there any point whatsoever?