[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Is not fun cause they down me 50 trophies per lost and give me 20 per win, i can win 1 team whit uniques at 25 whit luck, but not 4 in a row to replenish the incubators. Last time i replenish the incubators took me 5 hours of non stop combat to recover the points to 5k and had a lot salty realy when faced indoraptors and trykosaurus at 30 again and again


How much salty did you have?


A lot haha, and more when a lvl30 tryko doing crits of 6,7k all day and oneshoting all my poor dinos xd


Ya know when niantic put slashes across spoofers Pokémon and made it that “they won’t perform as expected” in battle?

Just saying, there’s an idea :joy:


Ludia, if you are going to let the cheaters play on, PLEASE do not let their battle victories count against legitimate players! It’s a pretty simple fix that keeps everyone happy’ish. They get to play, I don’t lose 500 trophies in one sitting, you keep getting my (our) money. Think of the backlash if the cheaters, although cannot win, can influence the ranking of legit players when the tournament starts. You (Ludia) ask us to abide by the rules of the game to keep the game fair. I just ask that you show the same support for us and do a better job at protecting the integrity of the game. These cheaters are thieves…stealing your profit Ludia. They are also threatening an even larger potential loss for you Ludia when you lose my (our) business. At my job, you don’t let thieves and cheaters take the day off, and the next day let them back to cheat and steal some more. It just does not make sense. WE ARE FRUSTRATED LUDIA! Please hear us.


I am with everyone else on this. Horrible decision on Ludias part.

Bye bye VIP, and spending money when you clearly can’t even get anywhere because of the huge amount of cheaters that bring you down in trophies even if they are not ranked.

Fix it or lose more people. It is that simple. Listen to the community or your game will take a nose dive. We are over the cheaters. We are over your lack of interest in listening to us.

Thanks for nothing.


I agree having are trophies drop losing to these cheaters is simply ridiculous and needs to be changed now.


Exactly. Of I didnt need incubators I wouldnt battle at all now. I got 3 cheaters in a row and dropped from rank 50 to rank 120 before I finally battled a legit player and won.


Just here to say bye Ludia, canceled my VIP too I am no longer interested in this bull.

You can’t even address upset people to say it’s being discussed or why you made such an utterly moronic decision in regards to these spoofers. If it’s about their money then let us know so the people that play fair can stop giving you money while you enjoy the cash spoofers spend on coins (And nothing else.)

For starters, they’re laughing at you and us. They are already bragging on spoof forums that they’re spoofing again. Whyw ould they stop when the ban was for 24 hours that’s it? I dropped nearly 300 trophies today against teams I couldn’t beat and why ? I went through recently played list to see what was up and realized these people are spoofing and they have unrealistic teams for a game that’s not been around that long.

Good job alienating the loyal players that pay you money and follow YOUR rules.




we will give you a slap on the wrist. but if you and your lvl 30 tryko are caught again, you are seriously banned.

im sure something extreme will happen to the obvious hackers. hopefully


I just faced this guy and his magna 1 hit my trag, molly wopped my indom and did the same to my monosteg…i refuse to believe this isnt a spoofer with this team :joy: he obviously avoided the 24hr ban


How you spoof to get a 23 magna? Obvious whale player here


This is my exact problem with Ludia doing a half ass job… They clearly want to make as much money and don’t care about anyone. That is why they have not completely banned the other spoofers and also let a few slip. Not to mention has anyone gone down to the lower arenas, to see how many are still there?

You work so hard going out and catching as many dinos as possible… For what? Just to be beaten by cheaters and so Ludia can make as much money as possible. It’s a real shame that people like Google and Apple who let these games get sold on their stores don’t regulate or do anything about it. Oh well, no more money from me Ludia you are going to get :slight_smile:


I stopped of wasting money here simce 1 month ago, only vip cause if no vip no sense to play this game. But no more coins or incubators


Obviously? Level 25 erlidominus is clearly not a representation of whale… Magnapyrritator is mostly by incubator because of irritator so I don’t judge on it. Erlidominus on the other side is much less likely, sorry.


The problem is that when you go to higher levels… you need 50000 and then even more to level up… Even with strike events… you have no chance and so the other problem is that I don’t have money to pay and playing legit, but others cheat and cause they have useless money to spend, Ludia is happy to let them play on??


Elridominus is by far one of most comons epics i get when i bought premiums incubators, also i live too in local area where elrikosaurus spawn and can get 2,4 daily whit low effort i think that guy is whale+hard grinding but no cheat, he dont have trykosaurus diorajasaurus very high leveled, a 24,25 unique is not so difficult to do.

Look at this, irritator arena incubator give like 20 dna each 1/10 3 hour incubators, you need to waste tons of money in rare incubator or speed up the arena incubators to create him, even obvious hard spoofer and big spender guys have problem to level him, example:

He can have easily elridominus( a medriocre dino for me) at 30 but only a 26 magna


Of course it’s the only one in the team you can’t spoof for…


:smiley: No Comment… However, they managed to complete Ludia’s game in 3 months, which was meant to be completed in 3 years legitly!