[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Need another math lesson? Last one seems to have worn off.


Why are people still coming onto a forum created for people to discuss JWA and telling people to stop discussing relevant issues?

“Tired of reading it…” who is forcing a gun to your head. And all I ever see that Heather girl doing is trying to tell people they’re wrong or to stop talking about something.

Stick to the topics you want to discuss, ignore the ones you don’t. Yikes.


And for that matter, why are people still coming into threads randomly and complaining about people having a conversation about exactly what the thread is about, accusing the people on said thread of being crybabies. LOL

@thecasualty, if you don’t have anything relevant to add to the discussion, you’re free to find another thread. As a matter of fact, there’s the door.


So, I read most of this, but did skip to the end… I just worked my way into the rankings (+/- 350) and played someone who had spoofer level Uniques (Erlinodominus smoked me) and when the battle was over and I had lost… My ranking DID NOT CHANGE. Is perhaps this what is going on with spoofers? We still fight with them but the results don’t affect the legit players standing?


Did you lose trophies? And did you check to see if the person you fought was ranked?


Who even have a Magnapyrritor ? Asks a Incubator dino in RIDICULOUS amounts, not even sure you can get it by buying incubators.


What’s the point of self reporting when an honest player who spoofed and reported himself got all reset to zero and who didn’t self report has all his porgress intact. You knew who cheated and didn’t had the gut to report hoping in impunity and guess what, they obtained it. It’s simply NOT FAIR those people DESERVED a permanent ban and obtained a 24h stop BECAUSE they DIDN’T FOLLOW YOUR PROCEDURE. Well done, really well done!


Ok, yeah, I must have lost trophies and rank. There are so many cheaters still in the arenas and losing to them affects my standing. Why? Ludia is really doing a bad job with this whole spoofer deal - and this is coming from a self reporter… if I had known there wouldn’t be any real consequences I would have kept my other team.


Ok so the real problem comes tomorrow morning when 10am hits and the cheaters spam the battle grounds blocking us all from gaining our tournament trophies at least if we faced a cheater and their account was flagged so we could not lose trophies when fighting them then they would get bored of brick walling us and let us play but if they can win and reduce our trophy count during the tournament we are all screwed and this will be a disaster. Please don’t let this happen Ludia we love your game and want to keep loving it.


Supposedly they arent allowed in the tourny but we shall see.


Are we going to get a new battle button for the tournament??? How can they not interfere if they can still battle


I think so but we will find out tomorrow. If they are allowed in the tourny I wont be buying bucks to power level my guys with the 40k steg, 30k apato, 1800 rex, 7k nodo, etc. No use in spending the money if i gotta keep fighting spoofers :joy:


@thecasualty is saying the exact same things you’re saying. I think you’re misunderstanding what they’re talking about nothing about their post was different from yours :joy:


Yeah it seems I was misunderstanding it… Or was I?

(Mysterious look)


Yeah I was saying exactly what you said LMFAO


Have dropped over 300 trophies and am unable to win a single battle atm. Extremely frustrating not being able to earn incubators for long stretches…


Found a cheater in the tournament today


I took a screen shot and posted earlier 5 without rank but enough trophies.

Now 4 of 5 have rank back.

Was the loss of rank not even permanent?


Relentless was on the leaderboard and never got banned. Not a ‘spoofer’ but that’s a $10k team or another type of cheat.

There are other unranked spoofers playing in the tournament. Just got my first one as I closed in on 4000.

Ludia must really be cheap and trying to avoid giving out prizes if they are using spoofers to keep legit players below 4000.


So does this mean that these 2 without trophy is also a cheat that got banned?