[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Reset your game and check their trophies again. The zero trophies is sometimes just a visual glitch.


They’d be doing very well to be ranked at level 8-9 anyway.


Haha I just saw this.

Stop talking about me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tbh I don’t think you’re looking hard enough that’s not all I do. I’m actually with you all on this they’re breaking their own terms of service and the tournament is an absolute farce. Nerfing dinos people have spent money on. Tsk tsk.


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At least I’m memorable :innocent:


How do we report players that we suspect cheating/violating the Terms of Service (TOS)?

I looked at the “flag” option a couple of weeks ago and there was no option there for cheating or violating TOS. I really think an option for that should be added. Then the community can help Ludia know which players to screen to see if they are cheating. You have the tools on your end to verify whether it’s true or not, but flagging would certainly help narrow down the the amount of players you have to screen.

Please let us know how to report cheaters and/or those who violate the TOS.
Thank you!


I definitely agree with you. I’m just a VP member and buy some of the special offers, but lately it’s been hard to advance at all. In fact I’m slowly falling back. I was around 3500 a few weeks ago, but now I can hardly win a match and have fallen back to 2856 in Lockdown. Love the game and the concept, but never advancing much after this makes me realize I may not be playing this game too much longer - at least not in Battles.


Is using the desktop app BlueStacks considered spoofing? I accepted the location it placed me at and have notmoved it. And will use this when my phone is overheating or dead.
If it is I’ll stop imediatlty.


If you look at the latest trophies leader board there are still cheaters. There is no way someone is going to have that many trophies of over 12000 which is more than double of 97 percent of the leader board and have that many very high legendaries. They really need to do something. I love this way more than Pokémon but it is starting to get annoying


They bought those dinos and are most likely legit.


I doubt it very seriously that they bought all those


No other way you can get dinos like magnapyrritor at a high level. Spoofing alone won’t get you that.

Ludia has done a good job identifying spoofers and obviously spoofed teams (a lot of epic DNA farmed, but not so much common, etc) seem to be gone. They probably investigated the top players’ activity very thoroughly. Some were banned.


I think there is still spoofers, but top 3 guys arent for sure, their team is perfectly balanced whit all dinos at 28,30.
Spoofers usually have overlevel uniques and stegoceratops at 22, stegodeus at 24 and unbalanced teams.
If you grind or pay to have 28 uniques you dont have for sure lvl 22 epics or legendaries and lvl 18.
Usually the overlevel uniques are the t rex family, this is why they jump from t rex to t rex


Whatever. Tired of the excuses.


It looks like they did a reset and that same person is right back on top in no time. Less than a day. Sever high level unique Dino’s. Come on stop making excuses for these people


And here we all thought he would delete his account after the trophy reset. What did you expect?

Why do you think Ludia would ban some cheaters and leave others to play?


Well Myp, either you work for Ludia or your one of the cheaters yourself. Cause all your doing is defending the cheaters and Ludia


You can believe whatever comforts you. Anyone who has better dinos than you is a cheater, Ludia cherry picking some of the cheaters to let them play, etc.


That’s not true and I don’t think that. You can tell the cheaters and those whom actually work for their Dino’s. I know plenty of players with better Dino’s than me and they are not cheaters. Don’t be mad cause I hit home with the true reality of your world. Anyways I am done with you. Have a nice day.


Kind of funny how long it takes to get a battle in the top arenas now, right after the last ban wave.

Just sayin’

Thanks for getting rid of the cheaters, but they need to be gone, not continually temp banned.