[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Ive faced Myp in the arenas and he’s definitely not a cheater… or if he is he’s doing such a poor job of it. His Dino’s are all roughly mines level give or take. Nothing out of the ordinary. Also, why again is it surprising that the top players from last tournament are back on top again? They obviously had the best teams last time… got 30,000 free bucks and we’re able to buy stacks of coins to boost their teams further. I expected to see them on the top for another tournament or two until whales catch em. I don’t actually care since if they dump money into the game we all get server stability free of charge. The money I give them is peanuts compared to people above me in the leaderboards


Long story short. There is a lot of cheating going on. Sorry but Ludia has not gotten rid of all of them. These cheaters are messing up a good game. There is still GPS spoofing going on. Even the game Pokémon thought they got rid of them then later found out the cheaters found other work arounds. I would bet money the same issue is happening here as well. Instead Myp just talking about it. He gets defensive which makes someone thing he is on the cheaters side. Then he insults me with a stupid comment which he started. Then of course I made one back. But like I said end of story.


Niantic never cared about spoofers, lol.

Your words might have had some credibility if you provided some proof or at least suggesting evidence against someone. All you managed to come up with in 5-7 posts was “their dinos are too strong” without providing any estimates at all on how much someone would need to grind/spend in order to achieve that.

Neither have you answered why you think Ludia would ban some cheaters (who seemed to have spent good money to use that spoofed DNA and level their dinos), but not others.

So I guess yeah, end of story.


Myp is simply of the opinion, and hes right, that you are making accusations based on opinion rather than evidence. Like pointing at someone in a nice car and saying “he stole that” and getting mad when the cop says prove it. Even if it comes out later that there are cheaters who slipped through we dont live in a world where its enough to think someone cheats with no proof


We live in a day and age where each younger generation is more adept with computers than the elder ones. Fighting cheaters is a full time battle that you can only hope to contain… not eliminate. But they have removed a ton of them. I know because last tournament I was ranked at 115. I had multiple battles a day that pitted me against someone with enough trophies to be ranked but they were not. They have indeed identified and targeted players who they can prove did something wrong. I was skeptical of folks with all 4 TREX hybrids at a high level, and much of these teams are no longer being seen by me at least. But I myself play a lot and have gotten a high indo raptor now, it’s not impossible if you play excessively at night. What myp is defending, is that legitimate players can have strong teams… and when you throw around accusations without any evidence, you belittle the efforts are players who are working pretty hard on their lineup.


Myp, Niantic did care and was trying different things to fix the issue. But as I said before, people who spoof keep trying to find work arounds as it is with any game out there. Maybe instead of just attacking me and being so defensive, you should have asked do you have proof. Then I could have responded appropriately with yes I do. Then you could have directed me to the proper place to report it as I am new to this board. But instead of people trying to ask probing questions to how they could help or see if maybe you have experienced the same issues I have and seen what I have then you could have helped with explanation that could be a misunderstanding or say hmm maybe there is some validity to your issue. So instead you guys attack. But you know what, say what you want be nasty as you want. I will no longer seek to help for this game if this is the way people get treated. You guys need to learn to ask questions before insulting. Have a nice day.


Ugh this annoys me i work for a moving company and im always going to new places ive been farming as hard as i can what sucks is when u see a t rex out of reach. Plus ive done so much walking my feet hurt just to level up i wont battle untill i get my team up ive been grinding for 4 weeks straight everyday while on vacation. Why are people so lazy to get off there butt and make this game fun


Yeah, no. Thousands of people wrote reports on spoofers who have been jumping continents every 2 hours. It would take like 10 minutes to write a script to detect and ban those, but nothing was done, at least not for the first 2 years.


They’re not going to reset their Dino’s because it causes you to have to spend more money to try and keep up.


How can I win 20 points if I lose then over 30? :sleepy: